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Career In Nutrition?


Im wanting to change carear path, nutrition and sports have always intrested me.However im at a loss as to where to start in terms of studying for a job in this field? if anyone could give me any pointers it would be most appreciated I live in England so of course any courses/degrees etc. would have to be based in the U.K



Don't follow your dreams...you'll just crash and burn...be an accountant or something.


im going to leeds in september to do a nutrition, sport and exercise degree. you you could just have nutrition on its own if you wanted.


dont listen to this dimwit, i know people who have done similar and are minted, and there is always adverts for nutritionists to work for companies in new scientist magazine.


I'm going that same rout, and honestly, I feel that we're all setting ourselves up for a career of frustration. Of the dozens upon dozens of people we'll end up consulting with, how many do you think will actually do what we recommend?

Sure, we'll still get their money, but it's got to be frustrating.


I love my career...

If you'd like to hear my advice on the subect, click here:

(scroll down to the 3rd question)

(1st question)


I plan to get a career in nutrition as well.

Thanks for the links Berardi.


Edit to my original post:

Unless, of course, you're a rock-star like JB!

Thanks for dropping by.


That sound great! do you know if there is a way something like that could be studied at home or at a london based Uni? Aslo to do the degree course I assume you need certain qualifactions already in the way of GSCE's and A-Levels?


i done 2 years in sports science first so if you dont have a qualification like that you should start their.

dnt know if that same course is in london you could check ucas.com.



heres a link for searching all the courses.


LOL No shit! I'd love your career too!

I'm with WolBarret: aim low so when you crash and burn you'll have less distance to fall.