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Career Choices


So this year I started studying at university. I'm going for a degree in Nutrition, with an emphasis in sports. I chose it because I want to broaden my knowledge about everything health and fitness related.

Just wondering if anyone's done anything similar, and what kind of work they do. Income is another thing I'm concerned with. The university itself has proven itself to be a bit tightlipped about career paths.

So, I'm just a little unsure about whether or not I'm wasting my time. I really love this stuff, and I'm confident that I can achieve a lot for myself, but people left, right and center are giving me the old "Hard to find a job, shit pay...", yada yada. Opinions?


Well, I say, if you want to do it, and you're ambitious enough, then do it. What you make depends on what kind of results you bring to your clients, so if you know your stuff, and further more, learn how to apply it to real world stuff (not some text book scenario), then I'd guess you can be reasonably well off, if not pretty well off, depending on who you work for, where you work (area), etc.

I'd probably ask Berardi about this stuff though, since the dude has a doctorate in nutrition or something (hey, I forgot...:p).


I was actually hoping this thread would attract his attention.