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Career Change - Technical Writer

Hello all!
Currently I am employed as a Report Analyst. I pull medical information using SQL/Access and then aggregate the data into meaningful crap. Anyhoo, I am burned out on it.

So. I am considering a career as a Technical Writer, but was hoping there were some people who might have experience with this career and offer up advice.

No experience here, but good luck with life and chase your dreams or whatever else inspires you. I like your cats hat.


Heh. He is an army of one.

Just start applying for first level positions. If you have some experience, most companies will train you up in another position, if it is similar. I know SAIC employs a lot of technical writers. You might want to google them.

Monitor Craigslist writer jobs listing for the major cities - I have gotten some very nice jobs from there, and there’s always tech writing jobs.

Good luck.

I was hoping I could do some side jobs until I earn the experience to get a mid level position. Otherwise I might have to take a healthy pay cut.

No experience whatsoever. Just the occasional How To email I send out on work on how to do/use this or that.

Googling them.

Hmm, never even considered Craigslist, will do!

Why do you want to do tech writing? I only had a class on it, but it was dreadfully dull. j/w

[quote]FlavaDave wrote:
Why do you want to do tech writing? I only had a class on it, but it was dreadfully dull. j/w[/quote]

I’ve always heard the money is good, if that’s what you’re after. Still sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Most likely I will take a loss to start this career, and the money is not what I would consider spectacular.

Agreed. From the outside it sounds booooring. But I love composing How-To instructions for people, making sure to try and catch every deviation they might take.

I find programming horribly dull but that is what I have a degree in.