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Care to Explain Why Primo is Pricey & Supposedly More Safe?

So as the title reads, never really got into primo, but I’m curious as to why it is priced quite high, with the rumors that it is safer as well.

What exactly makes it more safe? Plus I hear that you need dosages about 500 to 1000MG to really get the most out of it, which is quite damn expensive.

Is it really that much more safe that it’s worth paying 5 to 10 fold more for a cycle?

It’s expensive because the chemical itself is expensive to manufacture. Suppliers charge a lot more per gram because of this. So every UGL has a higher carrying cost, thus they charge a lot more for it. There’s very little supply/demand dynamic involved. If demand drove prices then testosterone would be a lot more expensive.

As far as safety, think of it like this: it’s a chemical that was engineered to be as side effect free as possible. There was a study where it was used by women at 1g/w and the side effects were extremely mild when you consider the dose. Imagine something you could run at a gram a week, get nice steady gains, and have no side effects. That’s like the dream compound for 90% of steroid users.


I see understood, make sense.

That is very appealing indeed. Quite a heck of a lot of money though. I mean a gram would be 500 damn dollars, thats insane, that costs more than GH per week.

Dosage/Strength wise how much Primo would equal for example 500 Deca? or Test?

I think running a gram a week would be overkill. Guys go between 6-800, usually. It can be done for under (or right at) $400 for 16 weeks. That’s far more cost effective than GH, especially since it doesn’t need to be run as long to get results.

How’s that? From a good reputable lab here I can find it for 50€ per 1000MG Vial, that would sum up to already like 200€ per month. Would cost like 800 for 16 weeks, damn pricy.

Whereas Deca costs 40$ for 2500MG vial/Month, 160€ for 16 weeks lol

Didn’t realize you were in the Eurozone. I was talking about stateside.

Yeah pretty much, 55€ to be exact, for 10x100MG Primo, damn…

Could you link any study on primo effect on blood pressure and lipids etc? Or any info?

Don’t have any studies or even any personal bloods drawn during primo cycles, but after 3-4 700/wk primo cycles, the only sides I’ve ever noticed was shedding hair at a faster rate than normal. You know how you can ‘feel’ that your BP is getting higher when on dbol? Never even noticed that on primo. Skin slightly oilier maybe, but that’s it.

Definetely sounds like worth giving a try! I always have high BP on any cycle.

How are the gains on lets say 600/700MG, compared to other compounds? Also stacked with high or moderate/trt test?

I’ve run 600mg/wk primo on top of TRT test more than once. The gains you’ll get are slow, dry gains, but you keepable when you come off. Similar to what you’d get from EQ if you’ve run that before. Don’t expect to blow up like on test/deca/dbol or any other wet compound that increases water/glycogen retention. I hate that look which is why Primo is my favorite compound to run.

What cguy said. Don’t expect a lot of weight gain, but typically more of a comp shift with some extra weight gained to boot which is then very easy to keep, especially being on TRT. I typically do this cycle on TRT dose (or a high TRT dose, but not what I would call a cycle dose of test), plus tbol for the little boost. Being a rather mild steroid, primo doesn’t give much of a boost in strength or aggression, if at all.