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Care About High E? Running High T and High E (70 pg/ml)

Test was from Quest diagnostics

I’ve been running 300mg T per week (sub q, 3x per week) and no AI whatsoever.

After maybe 4 months since my last test I went and got tested and found that my numbers were a lot higher than I expected. (see image)

The scary number to me is the high E at 70 pg/ml.

Remembering from a lot of reading on this site when I was first getting started is that high E isn’t necessarily bad as long as you don’t have high E symptoms. And I also remember that you have to take into account the T to E ratio, not just the straight E number.

Anyway, I feel good on my current protocol. I think I need to lower my dosage a bit since my T is pretty high but is there any need for concern for the high E?

I’ve been thinking about throwing in .5mg of anastrozole per week to bring it down a bit.

My libido has been great, erections are solid. Nothing to really complain about.

Any educated opinions are appreciated!

That is actually a little low for 300mg a week. I would have expected just a “We only measure up to this number” reading.

On my TRT dose my e2 hovers around 78pg, I feel great. If it goes over 85-90 I start to feel it

Your free T is almost 4x the HIGH end of the normal free T range. What were you expecting estrogen to do? lol

It’s fine. It isn’t an issue. You feel fine. It’s working. Estrogen is good. Leave it alone.

Thanks a lot.

I’ll just continue on, maybe lower my overall dosage since it’s pretty high.

But wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything to be concerned about with E.

Personally, I feel awesome on the high end and there have been times when I’ve been over the high end and still felt awesome with no obvious sides. Maybe a little water retention. I remember my pharmacist telling me lots of guys are over and it’s not a big deal as long as you feel good and have no obvious symptoms.

If you do decide to take something to bring it down, I would recommend exemestane as it is more forgiving if you take too much. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to completely crash your E2 with it but it can definitely happen with anastrozole.