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Cardiovascular Strenght While Mainting Muscle?


your suggests on this topic
im a beginning lift who plays Australian Football League and seem to have issues with the running that is required
i tire easily but em worried if i start running more my lifting progress will stall


Play a real sport.

Nobody cares about AFL buddy.

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You're probably going to find very few people on here who understand the demands of your sport.

When most people on these forums think football they'll be thinking of lots of short bursts of explosive power, where as you young padawan, play a sport where you could quite realistically could run up to 20 kilometers within a 2 hour period while defending yourself against a man who is trying to take hear head off with his elbow while you jump six feet in the air to catch a wet ball in pouring rain.

I think the answers you seek are in this section of the forums. Some of the conditioning articles on this site will suit you better than the articles by CT , not because his articles aren't amazing for building size, I just don't see how they fit with the demands of AFL. Israel Folau is not a big man by comparison to the men on this site but look how much he has struggled making the transition from nrl to afl. Completely different sports with different demands.


so im guessing soccer fan
just wait a second while i fall over and pretend to cry.


A few thoughts:

1) How strong are you? If you're only benching your body weight than losing strength shouldn't be a concern.

2) Prioritize - Do you want to be good at AFL or at powerlifting? Pick one. The training may have some overlap, but your mindset seems off at the moment.

3) Check out the conditioning programs of a few AFL pros. It'll help making your cardio sport-specific, and I'm betting most of those guys are probably stronger than you.

4) Read Alpha's log. One of the strongest mofos on this site and all the running/conditioning work didn't seem to affect his lifts. In fact, if I remember correctly, he believes it helped his strength.


1) i'm 170lbs, 5 foot 8, 16 years old
lifts (6 reps): bench 132lbs
squat 176lbs
deadlift 198lbs
shoulder press 77lbs
pendally row 125lbs
2) i want better overall strength but want to be better at afl, my weight training is Monday/Wednesday/Friday, football training Tuesday/Thursday with a game Sunday
3) no doubt guys are stronger then me, im only 16 but im decent sized for most of my competition
4) ill check it out now

my idea is to do basic endurance training (20m sprints into 20m jog back and forward several times) with some light boxing and skipping work to help with explosive movement

im agile for my size (ive got alil fat aswell, not sure of body fat percentage but i'd be thinking 16-18, pretty much no fat at all on my arms or legs though) and have a good sprint

its just the overall constant running that fucks me over

should i be eating more seeing i weight train and do football or should i stick to the usual and aim to burn some fat during this football season?
i hit like 3000-3500 calories per day
170-200 grams of protein