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cardiovascular endurance

Does anyone have tips on how to increase cardiovascular endurance… I’m 6’ 185lbs with 10% body fat but I get winded walking up stairs. I don’t smoke or drink. I have the cardiovascular endurance of a 400lbs man… I ask because I’m just getting into mountain biking but get winded very easily. Are there any supplements that could help?

If you been at it awhile with no improvement, you may want to follow up with your doctor. you may have exertional asthma

msg to Chad T pls don’t scare the man. He obviously dosen’t do any cardio. where he should. just start out slowly don’t push it. Do what you can handle… try walking on the track for a 1/2 hour.

I too do mountain biking, but first day back after a long break I’m out of breath after a 30 second sprint. The capacity improves in leap and bounds though, maybe a 100% better per day for the first couple of weeks at least. Before looking at supplements I think I’d see a doc, or at least some kind of sports type guru guy who can measure your capacity (don’t know the technical title for that :o)

No supplements, just good old fashioned cardio sessions. After lifting, getting on a treadmill, bike or whatever and start working for 20 min. Eventually bring the intensity up and bump the time to 30 min. If you are going to mountain bike, you have to build up your cardiovascular fitness. 3-4 sessions a week for a couple of weeks and you should start to feel much better. Just don’t get complacent and stay where it is comfortable. Keep adding to the intensity.

The best way to increase your endurance for mountain biking is to mountain bike. Training for endurance needs to be very specific. Running on a treadmill or even a bike wont have the carrier over. Ian King speaks about this in many of his books.