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Saturday 14.11.20 - Max Effort Upper

1a.Max Effort Flat Bench (pause on chest)
Worked up to 110kg x1
85kg x5x5

1b.Unilateral Chest Supported DB Row
29kg x7x7x7 per side

2a.Close Grip Incline Bench
68kg x6x6x6

2b.Band Face Pull
Purple x20x20x20

2c.Reverse Grip Football Bar Curls
15kg x15x16

3a.Chest Supported Lateral Raise
5kg per hand x15x15

3b.Chest Supported Plate Raise
10kg x8x8

Monday 16.11.20 - Max Effort Lower

1a.Max Effort SSB Squat
Worked up to 115kg x 1
92.5kg x 5
80kg x 6
My squat really is pathetic. I was hoping for at least 120kg. Damn poverty squat.

1b.Ab Mat Crunch

2a.Trap Bar SLDL
97.5kg x6x6x6

2b.Weighted Plank
+15kg x15x15x15 seconds

3.Laying Band Leg Curls
Purple x10x10

I’ve been feeling burnt out this past week, so both DE days are being replaced with deload sessions. Yesterday I did a 30 minute walk with 20.5kg in my backpack, and today was upper body deload. Tomorrow I’ll probably do another weighted walk, lower body deload on Friday, then non-weighted cardio on Saturday for a proper days recovery. Think I’ll start bulking next week and follow TJM 2.0 over Christmas. Definitely need to lose more fat, but it’s unrealistic for me to keep my diet strict over xmas, so may aswell do it properly instead of inevitably yoyo dieting and beating myself up about it afterwards (I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food and my weight from bullying as a child).

Sunday 22.11.20 - Juggernaut 2.0 Bench

Winter bulk starts today. Following the Inverted Juggernaut Method on the main lifts, with Greg Nuckols Average To Savage 2 on the assistance lifts, as it fits in well with the layout.

1.Flat BB Bench
10 sets of 5 with 59.5kg
90 seconds rest
Did some band pullaparts between sets

2a.Close Grip Football Bar Bench
4 sets of 7 with 54kg

2b.Prone Dumbell Row
5 sets of 15 with 11.5kg per hand

3.Band Face Pull
3 sets of 15 with red band

4a.Incline Hammer Curls (with axle dumbells)
3 sets of 10 with 9kg per hand

4b.Leaning Lateral Raise
9kg x 5 per side
5kg x15x10 per side

Monday 23.11.20 - ATS Day 2, Squat

So, because I’m indecisive, I decided I may aswell just follow Average To Savage 2 for my entire program, instead of combining it with Juggenaut. I’ve run Jugg before, so may aswell try something new entirely…

1a.SSB Squat
4 sets of 5 with 70kg
Final set AMRAP (target 10) = x11
Squats felt better than usual. Assuming it’s down to proper core activation due to the ab roller between sets.

1b.Ab Roller
5 sets of 3

2a.SSB Good Morning
4 sets of 7 with 33kg
Final set AMRAP (target 14) = x15

2b.Single Leg Calf Raise
2 sets of 5
1 set of 4

3.Bulgarian Split Squat
3 sets of 5 per leg

I like this layout. Enough sets to give me some good practice on the main lifts, and I get to reach some proper intensity on the final AMRAP set.

Tuesday 24.11.20 - Cardio, Neck & Forearms

30 minute fast walk with 22.5kg in my backpack

PM Forearms & Neck

Wednesday 25.11.20 - ATS Week 1, Day 3, Overhead

1a.Military Press (hang clean on first rep
4 sets of 5 with 42kg
Final set AMRAP (target 10) = x11

1b.Neutral Grip Pullups
5 sets of 3

2a.Incline BB Bench
4 sets of 7 with 51kg
Final set AMRAP (target 14) = x14

2b.Band Pullaparts
3 sets of 10 with red band

2c.Trap Bar Shrugs
3 sets of 10 with 37.5kg

3.Axle Bar Curls
3 sets of 15 with 12.5kg

Thursday 26.11.20 - ATS Week 1, Day 4, Deadlift

4 sets of 5 with 108.5
Final set AMRAP (target 10) = 11 reps

1b.Laying Side Crunch
3 sets of 10 per side

2a.Reverse Safety Bar Squat
4 sets of 7 with 42.5
Final set AMRAP (target 14) = 14 reps

2b.Seated Band Leg Curls
3 sets of 15 with black band

3.Seated Calf Raises
4 sets of 15 with 20kg

Friday 27.11.20 - ATS Week 2, Day 11 - Bench

1.Flat BB Bench
4 sets of 4 with 75kg
Final set AMRAP (target 8) = 8 reps
Expected more reps. Did my previous upper body session 48 hours ago, so don’t think I’ve had enough rest between.

1b.Prone Dumbell Row
14kg per hand x15x15x15x15x15

2a.Close Grip Football Bar Bench
5 sets of 6 with 55.5kg
Final set AMRAP (target 12) = 13 reps

2b.Band Face Pull
Red band x15x15x20

2c.Band Y Raises
Red band x5x5x5

3.Incline Hammer Curls (with axle dumbells)
9kg per hand x11x11x10

4b.Leaning Lateral Raise
5kg x10x10x10 per side

Saturday 28.11.20 - Cardio & Stuff

AM Cardio
30 minute walk with 25kg in my backpack
Heart rate stayed arpinf 120bpm, which is idea for me. Going to stick with this weight throughout this training cycle, as with me bulking, extra resistance will be added as I gain bodyweight.

PM Calves, Forearms & Neck
One Legged Calf Raises & Seated Raises
Wrist roller both ways. Pronation, supination, radial and ulnar deviation with loading pin.
Neck flexion and extension.
Quite enjoyed this little ‘aesthetic weak point’ session. Nice to get a decent amount of work in on a rest day with minimal stress on CNS.

Sunday 29.11.20 - ATS Week 2, Day 2 Squat

1a.SSB Squat
4 sets of 4 with 77.5kg
Final set AMRAP (target 8) = 10 reps

1b.Ab Roller
4 sets of 4

2.SSB Good Morning
4 sets of 6 with 36kg
Final set AMRAP (target 12) = 14 reps

3.Bulgarian Split Squat
3 sets of 6 per leg

Much less volume on lower body days, but there’s also more stretching to finish off, so takes around the same amount of time.