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Im looking for a cario routine,

I have a jump rope and heavy bag. How many sets-reps-mins should i do?

I was reading an artice in mens journal called SWAT workout, it is all body weight stuff, anyone else see that?

I would like to do both together (swat, jump rope and bag) What would be the best order to do them.

Presuming you’re trying to lose fat, my favorite routine is Mike Mahler’s High Octance Cardio:
Basically, you alternate a round on the rope or the bag with a set of an exercise.

Or, if it’s a hanging-style heavy bag (as opposed to one with a water-filled base), you could disconnect it and lift it like a sandbag. Lends itself to some killer, killer workouts of bear hugs, zercher squats, shouldering, etc.

I’m not exactly sure what the SWAT workout is, but I’m going to guess it’s some combination of push-ups, dive-bombers, pull-ups, leg raises, and squat thrusts. Am I close? :wink: Those type of routines aren’t usually great for building muscle, they’re more for general conditioning.

I’ll agree that any HOC variation is good cardio.

I like a minute of jump rope, 10-20 DB swings, jump rope, DB snatch, jump rope, DB thrusters, jump rope, burpees, repeat for 30 or so minutes taking short breaks where you need them.

Are you really asking for circuit training?