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I need some advice on how to incorporate cardio into my training scheldule. I work out 3x a week Tues. Thurs. and Sun. mornings. Is it possible to run about 8 hours after working out? Or should i wait until the next day? I need to run a 5 minute mile and 5 miles in 40 minutes (no time soon) so i’m trying to do as much cardio as possible while maintaning my weight. Any advive or links to an article regarding this is appreciated.

Try to separate your cardio from your weight workouts by 4-6 hours. Also, I wouldn’t run more than once per week. I would however do a version of Coach John Davies GPP stuff two to three times per week with the same 4-6 hour span between workouts. Look it up with the search or find his Fat to Fire article… it lists his non-weighted GPP stuff there as well.

If you limit your running to once a week, you will not even get close to those targets. I don’t know what your current capabilities are but your question suggests you’re not doing any cardio.
A five-minute mile is a really serious target if you haven’t been running in some time.
Five miles in forty minutes is also quite a tall order but is a lot more achievable.
If you’re genuine about this, you will need to be running AT LEAST three times per week, if not four or five times. Build yourself up to five miles as quickly as possible at whatever pace you can do it in.
Then slowly work on getting the time down. You’re looking at eight-minute miles, which is a nice steady pace.
As regards, the five-minute mile, you are looking at 4 x 1min 15sec 400m. Get on the track or treadmill and start knocking out 400s and 800s as fast as you can. Build up to miles from there.

He said “no time soon”. Too much running will not only burn him out and eat up valuable muscle, it will also not get him where he wants to go. One day per week of longer distance running is fine as long as you are kicking ass the other three days with things like sprints and other GPP. A 5 minute mile requires strong legs. I train a man who has run 19 marathons and his times have decreased as his squats improved. His sprint work has increased while we lowered his “running” volume. Running is NOT the answer. You must do some but not high in volume or frequency.

I would run more than once a week…I used to be able to do 4 miles in 28 minutes and a 6 minute mile so I was around his goal. To be honest the thing that helped me the most was dropping bodyfat. Also, what I might do somedays are slow runs at an incline to vary it up a bit. Also in terms of cardio start training at a very high heart rate, you’re going to have to get used to it for this type of running.

Can you give some more info about your self? BF%? Weight? Best Mile time?

this would help to get you useful advice.

if your primary goal is to run a faster mile, then weight training will take a back seat. You will be very likely to overtrain yourself if you dont cut back in some areas.

I would reccomend dropping some weight, especially in body fat, taking it easy with the lowerbody workouts (ie not doing a ton of heavy squats, this is obvious but you never know…)
and a little variety in your running.

do a slower distance run once or twice a week with some hills mixed in. a few shorter interval type runs (ie. sprint between 5 telephone poles, jog 10 if you run on the street). every week you should also try and run a mile atleast once, but you dont always have to go all out, just use it as a tool to give you an idea as to where you are at.

hope that helps