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anyone do cardio or not do cardio during a
mass cycle? Or wait ‘til after? My pants get kinda snug in the belly area cause I’m
eatin’ like a fiend. I wasn’t sure whether doin’ a little cardio was a good or bad idea. Any input?

When I am truly bulking I don’t. I feel it takes from your gains. I am cutting right now, and I find inorder just to hold my size I am doing a sh*t load of AAS and my cardio is just about 18 minutes per workout which isn’t a lot. So this goes to show you, when your bulking, eat food and lots of it, and don’t worry about cardio as burning calories this way is counter productive to what you are trying to achieve. If you are worried about putting on too much fat, clean your diet up i.e. - no stopping at Macdonalds, or choclates, or icecream, just solid lean protien, carbohydrates, and fruit and vegetables.