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Hey everyone,

First of all, I know that the term cardio is not necessarily an acurate one, but we all know what I’m talking about! :slight_smile: My question to all of you out there is what are your thoughts on cardio? I’ve heard so many conflicting opinions out there that I don’t know whether or not a few 30 minute runs a week will reduce me to 98lbs or give me a red afro! I’m a pretty solid 190lbs at 5’8 but I just want to tighten up my stomach and bring out the definition in my chest and back.

My training program is pretty sound I think. I train three times a week on the big exercises such as bench presses, overhead presses, trap-bar deadlifts, power cleans, bent rows, chins, squats, and curls. I split these exercises logically over three training days. I don’t really do too many arm exercises or shoulder raises or anything because I really find they get worked hard enough for me from chins and pressing movements.

Since my cardio has been essentially nothing other then the odd game of hockey or something every few weeks, would the simple adding of a 30 minute jog in between training days as well as a masive reduction in sugar/junk foods get me where I want in a few months? I’m already in decent shape, just have a little gut and lack definition. Any thoughts or advice?

I feel that if you keep your sessions to 3 miles (this is probably 23-30 minutes depending on your running stats) that you can get away with 3 a week with no ill effects. The increase in metabolism will probably help with losing some fat, not to mention the extra calories burned off. The only time I have seen people drop weight in a big way was when they started running 5 miles a day 4-5 days a week.

If you are currently doing no real direct cardio work, then yes, start by simply adding a session or two a week and see where it takes you. For many this is all that is needed to cut down, others take more. All you can do is try it out. Experiment and see what works for you.

Give each attempt a good couple week run to see how it effects you.

Hope that helps,


Read the “Cardio Round Tables, I and II”, You could also search cardio on the forumn and you will get all you want to read.

Try it and see how it works. Once you’ve been doing regular cardio for a while, you can try HIIT (High ntensity Interval Training), Look up CT’s “Running Man” article in T-Mag.


I am no expert either, but as far as losing that gut, nothing works better for me than simply running. I run at least three times a week. My long runs are 5 miles and at least once a week, I do sprint work.

When I say sprint work, I run quarters or one lap around the track, in a sprint. Its tough, but for me the combination of long runs and sprints really works.

Of course, I still hit the gym 5 times a week, so diet really comes into play. If you dont take in enough quaility calories and you start burning more, of course your going to lose weight/muscle.

I have read that just 20 minutes a day on a bike will do the trick, but for me thats a load of BS. In my opinion you really have to move your ass for anything to be effective, but again, I am by any means no expert.

In fact, just in the last 4 weeks, I have lost about 8 pounds from this running program and I can see my abs pretty good.

Thank you all for your advice! I will keep you posted on how this running works! :slight_smile:

I can’t believe nobody mentioned it…cleaning up your junk food intake is the most important thing in bringing out the definition and losing the gut.

Run all you want, but if you are still eating junk you will look like it.

Keep your eating to Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid.

Good luck in reaching your goals.

Also recommend CT’s Running Man article.

Hey Maiden,

Yeah, I figured as much…HAHA! I have made steps to really clean up my diet by cutting out sugar almost completely and really reducing the amount of processed junk I eat. I stayed at the same weight while eating crap and not running so I’m sure the combination of training 3x a week consistently, running 3x a week, and severe diet cleaning will help me out. Thanks for your help!