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Getting ready for a contest coming up in a few weeks and I am concentrating on abs and cardio this week. What would you recommend for cutting up and a cardio workout? (amount of time???) Thanks!

Check the Running Man article from this weeks issue.

Motown, bro, how much have you been doing?

Check out Christian’s Running Man article this week.

However, if you’re drastically reducing calories and carbs, HIIT might not be a viable option.

So, if you can answer me:

  1. How much cardio have you been doing? and

  2. What’s your current diet like?

Then I might be able to make some recommendations.

I have been doing cardio about 3 times a week prior to this week.

My diet is well balanced with a lot of protein.
1st meal-oatmeal w/fruit and bagel
2nd meal-fruit, 2-3 sandwiches one of which are tuna
3rd meal- any kind of meat usually a smaller meal
4th meal- full size dinner including more protein.
5th meal- post workout (surge)

Any additional advice welcome. Thanks!

Well, Motown, this isn’t a discussion about your diet, but I’ll just say that I think you can modify your food choices, especially considering that your go-time is in a few weeks.

About the cardio…I’d do 20-30 minutes of low- to moderate-intensity work after your lifting session. Follow the cardio up with the Surge.

On the days when you’re not lifting, do HIIT either via Joel Marion’s recommendations or Christian’s (i.e. Running Man).

As contest time approaches, if you’re not dialed in, then you will probably benefit from two-a-days: a cardio session in the morning (either fasted-state moderate-intensity or HIIT in the fed state) and lifting in the evening.

How close are you to contest ready?

i think you would benefit a lot more from reading some good diet articles, than worrying about cardio at this point.

Motown, When is the contest and what type of contest is it? we need a little more info…

This isn’t meant to be an attack against you but more of a compliment. If you can even approach getting ripped with that diet then you are surely blessed and I would just get your diet dialed in and don’t even worry about doing any cardio as it very well might just eat away your muscle.

The contest is on Saturday, March 29. Thats about 16 days. There also is another contest coming up in May (Mr. Michigan). The last 10 days are going to be key to my success. I am quite new to the contest part of the sport but I have done my researh on the training parts.

I am still debating wether or not to enter the contest. Last thursday, while I was doing leg press I got a real bad headache and it has not gone away since. I feel my body is in good shape. I am a little under 210 with >7% BF (using caliper). I am working on my appearence(tan) and posing now.

Keep bringing on the advice. Thanks guys!

Work on your posing!!! If you can put a pic up in the photo forum so we could help u a little better. Especially w/ the posing. Because sometimes even you got a great physique and can’t show it. It doesn’t mean anything.

But if you are 210 >7% u should look good… How tall are u…

Just from what you’ve said, here is my thoughts… being this close to comp., I’d drop the fruit, breads, bagels, replace w/ more oats grains, no pasta. By spending 20-30 min practicing posing, at this point daily, that alone could take the place of added cardio. Again w/out seeing your condition its hard to advise.

plus, try to do the poses while you’re training ie…chest poses on chest day etc…

good luck…post pics on comp. day