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I played basketball in high school and first my first semester of college, this is my second semester of college and i’m not playing ball anymore because i got hurt and decided it wasn’t worth it. But his is the most inactive i’ve been since i was probably in 7th grade. I’m trying to gain mass so i haven’t been doing any cardio except playing basketball on sundays just for fun for about and hour and a half. Alot of the times i feel like crap and i know it can’t be because i’m pretty positive i’m not overtraining and i’m really out of shape. I thought about incorprating some cardio 2 or 3 times a week. I thought maybe hitting a heavy bag twice a week and sled draging once a week. I was aslo wondering whether it would be better to do boxing after upper or lower body workouts, and i’m going to do sled dragging on my off days. Would this limit my mass gain or would i just have to eat more?

By all means incorporate some of the cardio. It will help keep you in shape, give you better body composition, enable you to train harder, recover faster, and get through your weight training workouts with less fatigue. I like hitting the heavy bag and using a sledgehammer on a tire myself for some semi-upper body cardio and usually do this the day following my upper body workouts for active recovery. You could do it on the same day, really doesn’t matter.