Hey, im back with another question… Now you please don’t flame me, im out to seek knowledge, I searched the website to find this but I couldn’t. Heres my question about cardio… I do what beredi tells me todo and do 1.5 hours of aerobic, and about 1.5+ hours of HIIT… now… What I do understand is that HIIT, burns calories for about 48 hours after one bout, but because the intensity (above 80)it uses carbs as an energy source, and not fat… So why would you want to use carbs as an energy source, when you could do aerobic trainig and use fat as an energy source?..

So anyone inclined, make me feel stupid.

<The 75-85%MHR Zone burns a comparable amount of fat as the aerobic system is still supplying the bulk of energy. It also burns a heap of carbs as well so overall you burn more energy.> <Carbs are directly involved in all energy cycles (Bar ATP-CP). Aerobic energy system is very efficient. Why would you want that? This is why the fat burning zone is a load of crap.> <As you know highintensity workouts also elevate the metabolism, due I think to the bodys efforts to recover resting levels of anaerobic fuel.> This is revision for me so if my facs & figures are off please interject.

I’m confused. Do you do 1.5+ hours of HIT per workout, or per week? If it’s per workout, then you’re not training HIT. And if you’re doing 1.5 hours of aerobic work each session…good lord. There are two primary factors in losing fat (which I assume is your goal): 1)Take in less calories than you burn through proper dieting; 2) Build additional muscle so your BMR is higher. You eat carbs because it is the preferred energy source of the body, and because without it, glycogen stores cannot be properly replenished after a workout. Incidentally, aerobic work is VERY inefficient at burning calories, and the so-called “afterburn” effect is highly overated. If I were you, I’d ditch the aerobic work and concentrate on hard workouts+careful calorie control.

Many people beleive the longer cardio will yeild better fat loss results and help you keep more muscle. (including myself, Berardi, Mufasa etc.) It is a great debate-or so some people think-(I don’t think there is any debate at all.) Try doing a little of both-read Berardi’s “Winning formula.” Berardi explains the differnt mechanisms by which both methods work. Keep in mind 99.9% of Pro Bodybuilders do long low intensity cardio sessions when pre-pairing for a show. If you search the forum there are MANY, MANY, threads on this-we don’t need to debate it again. PLEASE!(Type “Cardio 2x daily” & “how much cardio?” in the Forum subject search.)