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In Growth Surge Project Part II, it clearly states that cardio should not be done. However, after reading “Appetite For Construction” it says cardio should be done even during bulking cycles. SO which one is the correct statement, especially while using MAG 10?

the set backs of doing the cardio are not worth the benefits while on a 2 week mag10 cycle. if you were planning on doing a longer cycle, maybe add a little bit of cardio, but when your bulking for a short time period it would be counterproductive.

Many people have had good success doing no or lots of cardio during a bulking cycle. If you tend to do a lot of cardio, then I would back off to a maintenance level during a bulking cycle. For a 2 week bulking cycle, you need as much energy as possible to put into your lifting workouts. In general, I say skip the majority of the cardio during a 2 week bulking cycle. On longer cycles, I think that cardio is important, but everybody has individual differences. Berardi’s general cardio, calorie and carbohydrate suggestions go over well with some and not so well with others. You have to learn you what you tolerate and unfortunately the only way to do this is with personal experimentation.

GSP is an experiment. In order to see how your body responds to quick bursts of overtraining and overeating, you should avoid cardio in this session. You already know how you respond to cardio (favorably, I’d assume). I’m actually going to give it a go in two more weeks. But, this 6 week program is designed to learn more about your own physiology