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How much cardio is necessary for optimum fat loss without it being catabolic? And at what intensity?

Depends on a bunch of factors so you can’t put a number on it. Diet and genetics play big roles.

Like TEK said, it depends. What type of drugs/supplements you are using, diet, time frame, etc.

Same question…sort of. If I do short duration (15 min) 3 times a week at 4.5 mph with a steep incline it wouldn’t ruin my weight gain goal would it? I’m keeping a food log and calories are at 5097 a day. I could add the calories burned into my daily caloric intake. What do you think.

cougar: Much like diet, the key is you MUST 1)Monitor 2)Measure and 3)ADJUST, depending on how your body is responding to the cardio. Any numbers that ANYONE will give you ARE A STARTING POINT ONLY… you HAVE to “M/M/A”!

My “starting point” is based on J.B.'s reccommendations:TO LOSE FAT:

1)A.M. cardio; 20-30 minutes @ 60-70% MHR; on an empty stomach, with either a meal (or “Surge”) within 60 minutes of completion.

2)P.M.cardio: 20-30 minutes duration, AFTER resisitance training @ 60-70% MHR; consume 1/2 calculated amount of “Surge” in 1L of water once complete. (Other half is sipped and consumed with 1L of water DURING workout).

This works for me. Irregardless as to the drugs you use OR genetics OR diet…you must monitor your bodies response closely via weight, composition measurements and the mirror. Hope this helps!

coug: I would also reccommend J.B.'s article “Precision Nutrition For 2000 and Beyond” in issue 186 AND search the Forum for his thoughts on Cardio. J.B. really feels strongly that muscleheads “fear” cardio too much…I’d have to agree…