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Cardio/workout and MP3 Player

A bit OT but when you guys train or do cardio, do u listen to music with an MP3 player?

if so which one do u reccomend?

Can u use this with HIIT?

I used to use a minidisc but during HIIT it skips too much

Yes, I would highly recomend it. I use the Sony though, and would suggest you find a different brand. The software to connect to my computer is buggy, and it requires that you convert your files from mp3 to atrac.

Yep. I own a Sony. I love it too.

I keep it in a fruity fanny pack, but man, it really helps my lifts.

It comes with software for your PC allowing you to transfer ALL your audio files to the Sony chip. Just make sure you get a 128 byte chip: it holds much more tunes for the $.

Also, you can chnage out your song arsenal in a matter of minutes.

I do, and I use an Apple Ipod, the best mp3 player I’ve ever used.

I have the 15 gb model, which holds 7,500 songs - it is pricey at 400 bucks, but I have never regretted the money spent.

i have the nike/phillips. i like it. im sure its not as good as the ipod, but its less than half the price and its made for gym usage. i can throw it around, its real durable. i cant be worried about breaking something so expensive when im tossin weights around the gym.

btw, can the apple ipod be used with a pc?

The Ipod can be used with the pc (you have to buy the pc version, same price)

i have a special arm strap for the ipod that keeps it up and out of the way when working out, though i usually only listen to it during cardio…

I love my Bantam 350. It’s very small, has 128MB RAM and you can buy external RAM if you want more. It comes with a case you can clip onto your waistband and it’s lightweight enough to wear while doing HIIT. The softwear for my PC has worked fine for me. I have a friend who found the software to be a bit buggy. But overall I love it and I’m so glad I have it. It makes cardio (or should I say ESW?) much easier to endure!

I have a creative muvo, and aside from the fact that the first one was defective and had to be warenteed, I like it. It is tiny and light.

As for the ipod and other hard drive based systems, the downside is that they are not made for high impact use. Sprinting probably wouldn’t go down too well and dropping it will most certainly be fatal. I don’t know the shock ratings on the hard drives they use, but for most 2.5" drives we’re talking ~5 G operating max if I recall corectly.

I use a Samsung Yepp and absolutely love it. The face is smaller than a credit card, and it’s about 3/8 inches thick. It has 128MB of memory, which is plenty to get me through workouts.

When shopping for these, keep a few things in mind:

Storage capacity - In most music formats, a minute of playing time is 1MB. So my 128MB gives me about 2 hours of music before I have to repeat anything. Figure out what your needs are so that you don’t overpay.

Size - you’re working out with it, and this is the most obvious component of the purchase, as what you see is what you get.

Music formats - some only play MP3’s, while others play anything under the sun (WAV, etc.)

How it attaches - I thought I wanted one with an armband. I was wrong. It really got in the way of lifting. Luckily, the Yepp had a belt clip attachment, so now I nestle it against my love handle. Moral: try the means of attachment out first or get one that has several options (arm band, belt clip, neck strap, etc.)

Earphones - to be honest, you’ll probably have to purchase these separately for most devices, but you might luck out and get some that stay on you well.

Just some thoughts.

Same here, I have a 64MB (also available in 128MB) samsung yepp. The cheapest and smallest of the MP3 players, with good sound. The only issue is battery time. However, you can buy a Nickel-metal hydrid (rechargeable) pair and it will go for about 3 hours on a single AAA batt.

You carry it around by just slipping it into your pocket and coiling the wire around the player. It’s VERY light and you won’t even feel it.

And I have the exact same thing as Harkonnen. It’s great because it’s very small and hardly noticeable most of the time. Again, the batteries do tend to run out rather quickly, but the positives FAR outweight the negatives. I’d buy one again.

DMK MPIO, find it on CNET. Buy it. End of post.

I use the Yepp, also. It holds enough music for a long workout and is light enough that you can clip it to your waistband without inadvertently flashing the gym.