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Cardio without Compromising Gains?

Hi Guys,
I am currently doing Layne Nortons PHAT, love it, best programme I’ve ever done.

Day 1: Upper Body Power
Day 2: Lower Body Power
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy
Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy
Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
Day 7: Rest

Over the next month or so I would like to add into my week Full Body Circuits (30-45 mins), HIIT (20 mins), Swimming (30 mins), Running (Steady State 5-10 mile) and one or two Boxing sessions.

My question is how can I achieve this without compromising my weightlifting gains? Do I replace the calories burned with more food? Where within my programme should I put these sessions.

I currently train first thing in the morning after breakfast.

Any help will be much appreciated.

yep. and usually I would say that adding in cardio won’t affect gains, but this is a LOT of activity, so I would imagine it will be hard to gain a lot of muscle at this level of activity. Not impossible. But almost certainly will slow things. What is the purpose of the full body circuits anyway? How does that help you achieve your goals?

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking Full Body Circuits would add muscle endurance?

For what though? I mean, do you compete in a sport or anything?

I don’t know anything about your overall goals, so it’s hard to really advise beyond generalities. So on a very basic level, I don’t see how circuits would provide any benefit to you on top of what you’re already doing. You have cardiovascular conditioning already incorporated, you’re lifting for size and strength, you’re doing explosive work. I honestly think the circuits are superfluous and would be a less than ideal expenditure of calories, and a poor use of your time. I don’t think you’ll get much bang for your buck out of it.

Circuits are out then. My cardio is shocking, I’m out of breath walking up a hill. Where would you place the rest without compromising gains/recovery etc, generally speaking.

This is not normal for a young person who trains regularly. Do you get extremely short of breath when you lift?

No all good when lifting.

As we have no idea of your current state, walk every morning, 15 minutes, drink a BCAA before leaving.

Add 10% a week.

Once you can do 45 minutes every morning, no problems, go back to 30 minutes a day walk, 5 times a week, add two days of cardio of your choice.

And so on and so forth.