Cardio With Weights?

For some reason I’ve found that I enjoy lifting weights, and for the most part have to restrain myself from working out more often. Cardio on the other hand, I seem to see as boring and not worth much investment, though I know that’s not true. Does anyone have information about doing cardio with weights? For example, would squatting with just the bar for 30 minutes count as a cardio type action, or is that going to cut into my gym time by creating extra recovery needs that say a treadmill or bike would not? I’m just throwing this out here as a topic of discussion, any comments?


These aren’t always cardio workouts, but look at Sunday 060326, Friday 060324, or Thursday 060323 and see if this is what you’re asking about. Personally, I found it hard to do CrossFit and a heavy lifting program simultaneously, but some people do. I still throw one of these in every once in a while, and it sure seems to do the trick.

Another thing I will do on a cardio day (if I have one) is to jump from machine to machine… ie: Row 1000 m, Bike for 10 min, Run for 10 min, Row 1000 m, then call it a day. It really makes it more interesting, and I find that it is more challenging as well. Hitting the rower for 1000 m at the end of a weights workout works as well.

Edit: You’ll have to Google a bit…

If you can squat for 30 minutes, even with just the bar, you are my new hero.

Do a search on “Istvan Javorek” and try some of his complexes.

I second James Cain - if you can squat for 30 minutes straight with just the bar, I’d be impressed. And yes, it would cut into your recovery.

If you squat for 30 minutes straight you will be sore for about 8 months.

maybe Tabata method

[quote]James Cain wrote:
If you can squat for 30 minutes, even with just the bar, you are my new hero.[/quote]

i third it! hell, if you can squat for 30 minutes with just bodyweight, you’re the man