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Cardio with Sore Legs?

I do legs on Tuesday nite, and invariably, the next day my legs are sore as hell. In fact, it’s Friday as I write this and my legs are still sore as hell… now, my question is: should I just “work past it” and still try to run on the treadmill or do the ellipitcal machine? I know running is supposed to be catabolic, but it seems to be the only cardio that gets my HR up enough to burn anything. I’ve been fast-walking on the treadmill after my weight workouts (since Tuesday) and I’m pretty much wasting my time I think. Thanks for the input.

What does your post workout stretch routine look like? I know when I stretch well after a tough workout the soreness isn’t a factor

Do you have access to a swimming pool? That’ll get your heart rate up without undue stress on your already aching legs.

Hell yes you should do cardio w/ sore legs… If anything it will benifit you not harm u in any way. Although I wouldn’t go for a all out sprint maybe a nice jog or run…

It can also help lossen the muscle that you trained the day before.

Keep your body moving when you are sore.

the best thing for sore muscles is more exercise.

I think it’s dependent on what type of cardio you’re doing. If you’re doing some light cardio to work out the kinks, that’s cool, but I find that ‘balls to the wall’ cardio when training legs hard never helped me. In fact, it did the opposite.

to IKE:

Basiclly what I said… And if you notice he said he does fast walking on the treadmill after his weight work-outs. So I think he should be fine…

Try adding some GPP at the end of your workout, 4 exercises(jumping jacks, shuffles, line jumps, mountain climbers)30secs each x 3 sets will help heaps.

I agree with the One of Fitness (wink, fitone). Definitely bring on the cardio. The first minute or two might be difficult to crank it up, but the soreness will quickly seem to dissipate once you get that stroke volume and muscle pump movin’ that cardiac output at great levels.

I would probably opt for the Elliptical, but that’s just personal preference. The one’s with the moving arms, I like better, due to the fact that you get the benefits of full-body exercise.

There’s really no need to get into detailed physiological mechanisms, but the perfusion of blood flow will only help with recovery.

We may need to analyze your current training program, however, along with your nutrition and hydration, to really find the culprit of your extreme DOMS.

For the most part, I think you will be fine. The soreness will subside a few minutes into the exercise and your performance would not be limited. As long as you are making the gains or losses that you desire and are not mentally burned out, I think you will be fine.