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Cardio with Best Damn Natural Lifter Program?

Enjoyed article “best damn workout for natural lifters”. Husband needs to also incorporate cardio into workouts for performance requirements with military. How much and when is it best to incorporate cardio into this plan? Thank you

Clearly I’m not CT, but the answer will depend. Does he have an MOS that actually requires something physical for him to his job and live, or is he just trying to pass the PT test?

He has to pass the PT test. But, always shoots for 100%. It’s mostly having to do the running portion, where he will switch from sprint work to longer runs in prep for the PT test.

I think this can be done with 3 runs a week. Assuming it’s a 2 mile test:

Run 1: tempo run. Run anywhere from 2-3 miles, half out and half back. Maintain the same pace or better on the way in as on the way out. Progress this to your race speed.

Run 2: speed day. I think 400s are ok, but 800s likely best. He can do a mix, but I’d keep the total mileage to 2 max (so like 2x 800s and 4x 400s)

Run 3: over distance day. Run 3-5 miles. Pace doesn’t matter - you’re just getting comfortable with the endurance.

Obviously just my $0.02, but it tended to be pretty effective for a lot of folks without a ton of thought or interference in your other activities.

Good luck!

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