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Cardio While on Test

is it good to do cardio while on test i already know that test burns fat but i am trying to bulk but i also like doing cardio will that hurt my gains? btw i am doing test e at 600 mg a week.

By reading this post I can see that you do not really have your training in order. I would think that some one that is about to do a cycle, should already know these types of things. You should use gear or any other supplement as an aid. Not an excuse for poor plan, or get big fast. It just wont work. But I will answer your question.

The easy answer would be no. Why would you want to burn more calories when bulking.

But on the other hand I always like to run a few times a week, because it helps speed my metabolism up a bit. That in turn allows me to eat more food. Common sense training I think. I don?t think anyone can tell you specifically how much you should run in order to do this. I believe this just comes for past training experience.


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I was researching this topic earlier in the year and came across an excellent artcile on cardio. Check it out:


Currently I am doing light cardio six days a week as part of my training while on a cycle. I do this first thing in the morning before breakfast. All I do is walk with a weighted vest and ankle weights for 45 mins, and try to incorporate as much rough terrain and hills as possible (which isn’t hard in Scotland!). The difference it makes is profound.

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