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Cardio While on Starting Strength/Bill Starr's 5x5


Hi, I used to be really strong but I lost all my strength when I started training for MMA because my coach told me to stop doing weights for pure strength, strange I know. Well, I'm done with MMA and I'm back into weightlifting. The only thing is I really would like to stay in decent shape while doing SS and then when I switch back over to Bill Starr after my lifts progress.

Currently I'm doing a 2 miles jog on tues/thurs/sat and lifting mon/wed/fri. The jog is pretty easy to me and I don't feel it the next day or really much the same day. I'm just wondering, is this too much and will it destroy my gains? Thank you.

Also, I have one more question. I pulled my left pec twice so it's kind of sensitive so I'm wondering after looking at Bill Starr's 5x5 and seeing there is a load of chest work, will it be alright if I cut off dips or something like that? Or maybe should I do Bill Star's big 3 program instead?

Thank you guys for all your help.


For the chest work, just ease into things and go by feel. Try doing some higher reps with controlled negatives at first just as you heal up. If it's serious you should try diffirent exercises to figure out what feels good for your chest, and keep very strict form. Make sure you warm up a lot.

The cardio should be fine but you're going to have to eat more to compensate, just remember that.


Thanks man, I pulled the chest again about 5 months ago so I'm pretty sure I'm all healed up now, I'm just afraid of re-pulling it.


I wouldn't do any cardio on starting strength, but do some metabolic work, 20 min per day will suffice.


I also dont recommend following that program strictly, it addresses every large muscle of the body except lats. Some might say lats will be hit by deads but I dont know many beginners who can engage a lot of lat in a deadlift.