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Cardio While Lifting???


I tried the last 2 weeks doing hard 1 minute cardio intervals on a spin bike in between each set that I do (2o minutes total of hard cardio for the whole workout). The workout kicks my ass....Wondering what you guys think of this training.


Haven't seen a YMCA that does NOT have that. Circuit training, light goes off; run, skip rope, bike, step up, etc.

Great for conditioning.


I prefer pedaling gingerly on a stationary bike, while reading Women's Health.


If you're main goal is to put on muscle then bad idea


why cant the lifting be the cardop workout as well?

last night i did front squats, sets of 8 with 45-60 seconds rest. after the 7th set i puked and called it good. took over 5 minutes for my heart to come back down. i think i got a hell of a cardio workout. or did i do a squat workout????


According to your profile, you're 6'4", over 300 pounds, with a pretty high bodyfat percentage. You're a big dude and that may, or may not, complicate some things (training suggestions, diet, etc.)

In your last few posts, it almost sounds like you've been looking for "the best" program: hitting chest twice a week to prioritize it, having legs that are already good enough, etc. This current type of training, interspersing cardio with weight training, will improve your conditioning and burn some extra calories, but it'll be at the expense of building major strength and muscle. Whether that's a good idea or not is up to you and your goals.

So, what are your current goals and, for reference, what are your current strength levels in the basic lifts?


I am currently at 305lbs and 27% body fat. I would like to lose about 20-30 more lbs and have some definition...I am not looking right now to be Cut.

Goal is about 275lbs and 20-22% body fat.


Goal. Not wishy washy answer.

What is "about 275"?? 274? maybe 278?? around there? Sorta? Kinda??

Get definite. Set a goal, write it and stop it with with the "sorta, kinda, about, you know" answers and start.



There's not really going to be a drastic visual difference, especially since you aren't adding any muscle with those numbers. Of course, that's presuming the bodyfat percentages are accurate, which they rarely are (due to errors in calculating it).

I'd suggest basing your progress on photos, inches lost/gained, how clothes are fitting, and strength levels in the gym.

To get where you want to go, work the basic lifts (weight training) 3 or 4 days a week, do some basic cardio 2 or 3 days a week (maybe using the workout you originally described as one of the cardio sessions), and clean up your diet.

I really like this article for outlining basic fat loss nutrition plan:


Do one of these and/or V diet