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Cardio While Bulking?


Cardio While Bulking?

I know a lot of people do not approve of this combination but is it ok to do? When I bulk I am probably gonna have some extra weight that I do not want to get out of hand... so what do you recommend? Should the cardio be performed on non-lifting days?



First off, Like the name "LAW" check out my profession.

Now to the meat and potato of the article. It is my opinion that you may want to loose some of the extra weight before bulking. Just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Strength or looks? For me I too have a little weight to loose but I hate cardio. I will begin "Quattro Dynamo" shortly and then maybe cut after. Short sprints in the a.m. and then lift in the p.m. But, you are you and I am I so GOOD LUCK!!



There was a GREAT article written, I think it was titled "100 Workouts from Ripped City."

They describe how running in the morning on an empty stomach helps burn fat but keep your muscle...in a more scientific way of course...check it out.

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Fasted Cardio?While Bulking?Good god...


It's best to do HIIT cardio when bulking. That is, High Intensity Interval Training. Do things like sprint/jog intervals for 20 minutes. You could also try interval jumping rope for the same amount of time. Usually if you do a ratio of 30 seconds high intensity, then 90 seconds low intensity you will get a great cardio workout while not burning TOO much extra calories you need for recovery and what-not. Remember to do cardio AFTER lifting if not at a later time in the day.


I thought that the fasted cardio should be LOW intensity...not running....???


by running i mean a slow jog...

"Non-panting pace" is what it said in the article. For me a non-panting pace is a jog...which could be considered "running"...Sorry


Did you read the article?


I'm not sure you even want to jog FTITM.


i swim once a week, run hoop once a week, and usually track sprint once a week.

i also eat enough (increasing when necessary) to slowly-and-steadily keep adding weight to my frame.


Well, the question is, what does it take to burn fat w/ out losing that precious muscle?

Personally with my body, jogging, usually a 12-15 min. mile pace for 40-50 minutes is where I feel like I am in the fat burning zone. I am not panting and it takes me about 20 minutes to feel the burn and begin sweating.

(I am also a very heavy sweater) "Exercising" whether it be jogging, walking, jumping rope, etc. at a constant pace for an extended period of time causes fat breakdown. In the article there are two graphs which clearly show that fat breakdown is higher after a period of fasting which is basically sleep. Fasted Cardio.

A few main points taken directly from the article that are relavent to this issue are:

  1. Improved lipolysis (fat breakdown) and direct fat oxidation (fat burning).

  2. A rate of fat loss that's satisfying to any intelligent and experienced person (about one-half to one pound per week)

  3. Little, if any, interference with a person's usual bodybuilding program.

It's pretty simple. If you want to gain muscle mass and lose some of that flab then this is a scientifically proven option.

Here's a link to the "100 Workouts from Ripped City" article. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=927737

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Swimming is a great substitute for the running and sprinting. My training group and I will swim one or two days a week in place of speed ladder work or fasted cardio.


I see why you think that jogging might be good FTITM. Were you a runner previously? What is your heart rate when you do that?


I'm a college football player. Linebacker. The fasted cardio is in my program to lower my bodyfat percentage while I put on muscle mass. The treadmill has a heart rate sensor. I'm not sure how accurate it is but I was between 112-127 during the 45 minute session.

Tomorrow morning at 7 I am going to be going for 40 minutes. I'll check my HR then.

Coming up, March 11th there is a seminar being given by Charles Polequin on this subject. (optimizing fat loss while gaining muscle) I plan on attending and will report back.

  • Ethan


I don't think fasted cardio is a good idea if you're trying to maintain muscle.

I'd only recommend it if you wanted to lose weight.

For losing fat whilst retaining muscle, something to eat first is a mighty good idea.


Right now I am using this method for losing body fat. I am still noticing gains in lean mass. Not only do I see this in the mirror but also on the scale. Went from 196-200 (in 3 weeks) doing the fasted cardio 2 mornings a week, swimming and doing ladder work at least one other day.

  • Ethan


I personally think the approach is faulty. I am all for limited cardio when gaining. I am not for the belief that someone is going to gain a significant amount of muscle while also losing a significant amount of body fat at the exact same time unless they are a beginner or some freakishly genetically gifted mesomorph.


This morning my workout consisted of a 12 minute warm-up walk at a brisk pace (4.0 on the treadmill) Then I went into a "jog". (5.0 on the treadmill) I was at this pace for 28 minutes. The total time I have been on the treadmill is now 40 minutes. Then I reduced the speed to 4.0 again for 5 minutes to finish the workout.

My heart rate after 40 minutes of fasted cardio was 107 (by the HR monitor on the machine) and 104 by my own reading.

And in response to Sxio, Yes I would like to lose weight. I would like to lose any extra fat on my body. I do not want to lose an ounce of muscle. I believe this is one way to do achieve these goals. As soon as I finish fat burning, I am back at my dorm room consuming rolled oats and protein.


I guess you have to try it to see/feel the differences if gaining muscle and losing fat is your goal. I have noticed positive results.


My actual goal is the most progress in the least time. Even if possible, I would rather reach my ultimate goal in ten years rather than possibly only reaching half of that or a third of that due to trying to pull my body in two directions for a decade. I just don't see people blowing up with muscle while also sliding into contest condition making the same progress as those who put the time in and focus on one goal at a time. In fact, I have never seen this in bodybuilding. If you have, please point this person out (aside from Kevin Levrone whose chemical arsenal is clearly the primary reason).