Cardio While Bulking?

Excellent for overall health. Like Iron said, eat a bit more. I’d personally say 20-25 min 3x a week. Great for overall health, and as long as you calories are on point, you’ll be fine.


The internet, and people in general tend to overcomplicate everything. Despite anythng you read about training, cardio, diet etc, it will always rest on the energy equation at the end of the day Cals in vs Cals out (expended). So a question of burning an extra 300 cals doing cardio, while in a 500 cal surplus, will still give you a 200 surplus, BUT, that may or may not be sufficient for your individual goals or physiology.

9 out of 10 times, I find the answer to any question on here is “try it and see” :slight_smile: