Cardio While Bulking

Hey! Well I dont really know where to post this im not a beginner but Im open to any opinions really…

Well Im bulking or trying at least Im eating around 4500-5000 calories a day. Clean Calories 6-7 meals. Im on a good split training program working 3 days on 1 off back & Bicepts then Chest, tri’s and shoulders then legs then off day then reapeat! Umm my training is solid I think lots of big complex lifts you know deads, cleans, squats… also some accessory movements where needed!

But I was curious about weither or not to do Cardio while on my bulk Im a naturally lean guy but I read somewhere that doing high intensity cardio for say 20 minutes like fast sprints promotes GH release which they said can intern help muscle groth? What do you guys think about this YAY or NAY Just a thought. I would never think of doing it fasted or anything Im not worried about fat loss or anything just wondering if this would help the gains at all… thanks for the help um yah my stats are as follows Ive been bulking for like 2 months now and have gained maby 5 or 6 pounds with some solid strenth gains!

Wheight - 173
Height - 6’0.5"
Bodyfat% - 8ish
Age - 21
Bench - 190 5X5
Dead - 305 5X5
Squat - 260 5X5

Thanks for reading and your imput.

Play it by ear. Keep track of your waist measurement and see if your clothes get tighter in unwanted areas

Even on a bulk 20mins cardio on you off days is more likely to be of benifit than harm

Adjust cardio as you feel necessary during the course of the bulk

Yah I was thinking of doing it on off days but has anyone heard that high intensity cardio can bost Gh producting in the pituatary or is that just crap that someone made up?

Can you post your diet? I’m trying to find some extra meal ideas

Sure lets see

Meal 1 - Whey Protein shake, 3 eggs, 2 tabelspoons of peanut butter and 1/2 cup of oatmeal.

Meal 2 - 1 cup of cattage cheese with whey and peanut butter and 1 once of almounds

Meal 3 - 2 tin’s of salmon or tuna with mayo and 2 whole wheat wraps.

Meal 4 - 2-3 chicken breasts with a sweet potato and some vegies or a salad

Meal 5 - Post workout 50 grams of whey protein isolate 80 grams of dextrose 10 grams of L glutamine and 5 grams of creatine monohydrate.

Meal 6 - 2-3 chicken breats with 1/2 cup of whole wheat rice and steamed vegies

Meal 7 - 1 cup of cottage chesse with whey, peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa!

Its around 350 grams of protein, 250 grams of Carbs and 100 grams of fat!

I Supplement with Fish oil, Whey, Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate and dextrose!

Its a little boring but It works I used to eat like 3000 calories a day but that was way to low!

You weigh what I do (173) but i’m at 5’11 and 3/4".

I’m guessing if your bf is in the correct range you have about 10-12lbs of muscle on me (just good for comparison for me). I’m floating between 14-16% now. anywho… What whey protein are you using, I’m about to throw away the GNC brand shit I’ve got and try the protein stuff from here at T-Nation.

The weight gains you’ve posted 5-6 over two months seems a little slow (3/4ths of a pound a week) with that coloric intake. I’m just about to start the 5x5 madcow’s program today (sunday, tuesday, thursday) and i’ve already started some HIIT. I think as long as caloric intake is high it’ll be a good experiment to adding mass and reducing fat gains.

As with all things related to ‘bodybuilding’ it is how your body responds to the stimulus that should dictate which methods you use.

Benefits of including light cardio include:

  • Active recovery (to speed up recovery)
  • Improved insulin sensitivity (to minimize fat gain)
  • Calorie management (again to minimize fat gain)

The disadvantages of cardio (if performed at too high an intensity, too long a duration, and too frequently) are:

  • it makes it difficult to add mass
  • lowers your energy levels for your weight lifting sessions
  • “transforms” (term used loosely) fast twitch muscle fibers into slow twitch muscle fibers

Seeing how you said you are naturally lean; and the fact that you work out frequently with weights (3 on, 1 off) excessive fat gain probably won’t be an issue for you.

As others have said - play it by ear and incorporate cardio in your routine if you perceive the need for it.

Mpenix - Im using Optimum Nutritions 100% Whey as well as their 100% Casein at night if I dont do the cottage cheese!

I think the Madcow is a great program man you should see good gains with that! And good call on ditching GNC whey get on the Metabolic Drive! I’ve tried it before its really good but I go through it SO FAST I need to get 5lb tubs at least so I go with Optimum its not bad!

And I agree my progress is a bit slow for my liking but Im busting my ass in the gym and I dont really think I should eat more than I am now around 5000 cals seems like it sould do the trink Im gona keep on this program till at least July and see where Im at in terms of mass I want to be at least 190 with my same bodyfat or maby drop it down when I get there depending on how I look at that wheight

One of the experiments I came up with goes like:

Deep breathing while doing your cardio, you can do this DAILY after your workout

no more than 15 mins, it oxygenates muscles and ends up burning fat while not harming growth of lean muscle mass if you want that cut up body.

I read an article about steve reeves, and used to do that deep breathing during his “power walks”.

Cool Ive never heard of that before but it sounds like it would work! Anyone hear about high intensity cardio and its links to GH production?

I’ve heard of its effect on GH production, but I think that during a bulking phase, high intensity cardio is not what you’re looking for.

I’d keep it to low intensity, for the reasons stated above - mainly recovery. This is based on experience, not science. High intensity cardio doesn’t seem to go well with me when bulking.

Alright then good to see I wasnt the only one that heard that tho!

I think I will stick to low intensity cardio then! I find that on a bulk I have really High amounts of energy and I just love boing in the gym but I’l have to keep it in check! And realize that I grow when im not in the gym lol…

Thanks for the response guys