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Hey everyone,
I just have a quick question.

I play baseball so i need lower leg power + strength.

I do leg weights.

I hav a little bit of extra bf i want to shred off.

So my question is cardio b4 or after weights, and how long after/b4?

also will this affect my leg strength?

btw i was thinkn running 1 day cycle the next for cardio and keep interchanging.


change your diet cardio isnt needed.

If your only reason for thinking about running is to lose a little extra bodyfat then I agree with Budlight, just change your diet.

If you want to start running for increased cardio endurance then you’ll need to find some way to put it in your schedule.

I agree Think sport specific if you can run the bases all the hell out and fast then thats prob the most running at anyone time that you would ever need. Best to focus on sprinting etc.

Will lots of running effect leg strength SURE depends on how much but lots of longer range running will have an impact and you will need to structure training around it for recovery etc.

but thats the thing my diet is pretty good??

Yes, i would like to increase cardio endurance (i pitch) but i cant increase it at the risk of decreasing power…

i do sprints…im not very quick though (on another note how do i get faster at sprinting?)…

sooo what do you guys reccomend i do?
i eat well, so diet isnt the problem…
I weight train 3x/wk and do cardio2x/wk.

i posted up my routine + diet a while back and hasnt changed much since, do you want me to post it up for critique?

Thanks i appreciate the help!

Do cardio after weights or on your off days to avoid overtraining your body for pitching. 20 to 30 mins of moderate cardio is fine, such as eliptical, walk on treadmill w/ a high incline, jump rope, or light jogging for time. Sprints are a whole new issue and I’m not very well versed in sprint training.