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Cardio When Bulking?


Hey guys...

Just wanted to know if u guys do cardio when bulking...I understand maybe not crazy intense,but maybe a little to keep the fat off. I know back in the great Arnold days they would stay pretty ripped year long,unlike today haha.

So do u guys cut the cardio completely while bulking?


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Lol... I second this :stuck_out_tongue:

Cardio to keep the fat off when bulking... yes, I'll just sit here with some chocolate yogurt-covered raisins and enjoy


I told myself I'm allowed to do cardio work when I get to 240.


My thoughts are if you just really enjoy cardio and do it for health or whatever but still want to bulk, then just eat more calories to make up for the calories burnt as a result of cardio.

Doing cardio to keep the fat off when bulking... giggle


^^ I know huh?

OP... How about: don't eat like a fat shit when you're bulking? If your gaining tons of fat... You're doing it wrong


Whoa. Chocolate yogurt covered raisins? Seriously where can I get some of them.


I'm going to get in and out before this thread either blows up or dies miraculously...

Find out what works for you, your body, and your needs. You know what cardio is and how to do it, try different types.



ya already got to teh 160 and 13 inch gunz brah?


If you are getting too fat, or just want to maintain/imrpove your general health, cardio is a great tool.


Cardio's good to keep your veins healthy when "bulking" but i would'nt do it on training days. Do it on an off day, short duration.

And don't listen to anything Arnold says.




MEYMZ no i actually have 18' arms.

the rest of u who gave your opinions thanks. i just wanted to know if you guys cut your cardio completely or just do a little to keep some fat off. since most people will gain fat from all the eating and lack of cardio. im not saying getting super fat like Lee Priest in the off season, but sometimes u gain a little gut with all the eating.



Masturbation and sex should be the only necessary cardio while bulking.


Show me a fat bodybuilder please.

Sure there are always a few like that one infamous pic of Lee, but the majority of them stay relatively lean for guest posings and such.


My little rules about cardio and bulking:

1) If you have a fast metabolism and was skinny before you started lifting, and need to eat a horse and a cow every day just to maintain your weight, don't do cardio.

2) If you find that you can't bulk without looking like the marshmallow man despite eating rabbit food, then do cardio.

3) If you exercise more than 5 hours a week, you may want to follow rule 1, unless you struggle to keep under 15%bf.

4) If you can't eat enough to gain while bulking, do some gentle cardio in the morning to stimulate appetite (unless you're lifting in the morning).

5) If you struggle to keep under 18%, stop adding heavy cream to your post workout chocolate cake.


So then, either you're tall or it's weird that with 18" arms you're asking these questions.


I do cardio 1-2 times a week while bulking. It will either be HIIT or sprints usually. I think it's good to do because it can potentially mitigate fat gain, although that should be done with your diet, and it allows you to eat more.


cool man..thanks. i'll start doing some light cardio in the morning to not gain any unwanted fat like u said. thanks