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Cardio/Weight Training

I was to fast cardio at 8am right away in the morning to help loss baby fat. Come home eat and then hour and a half later go to the gym and train. Is this a good Idea?

Alot of accomplished lifters swear by daily fasted morning cardio, so I’d say it’s a go. I think the consensus on that method is that the cardio shouldn’t be too hard though, just in case you were planning on doing sprints or something.

Edit: That meal you eat between cardio and lifting should probably be the largest and most carb filled of your day.

That’s a good plan. Although, if you continue to eat a lot junk [pretty vague], then any amount of cardio will not matter. Diet, as in what and how much you eat, will determine how much fat you lose.

btw, it’s not baby fat unless you’re ten lol

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:

btw, it’s not baby fat unless you’re ten lol[/quote]

Or you juat had a baby and you’re trying to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy… Did you just have a baby OP?

So I guess this is more question than advice. What is working for me the past few weeks is lifting (full body) (Mon, wed, Fri) and doing cardio on off days. I have a lot more fat to lose (if it’s baby fat then it’s triplets) but it’s really been dropping. I’ve also taken to having carbs on lifting days and 50-80% fewer on days I don’t lift.

Is there an upside to keeping everything on one day and keeping your recovery day clear? Or keeping your diet more consistent?