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Cardio vs Diet

Alright, obviously a combination of a restricted calorie diet combined with some activity to burn extra calories is the common method of fat loss. What I’m wonder is, hypothetically, let’s say somebody hates restricting their food intake/choices, but doesn’t have a problem doing cardio regularly. Could said person eat like a ‘normal person’ (though keeping protein high, incorporating supplements like fish oil, etc.) yet do a lot of cardio and still be in good health overall?

From my personal experience, if I perform cardio of some form nearly every day, I get leaner despite my food choices. I don’t get super lean, but lean enough for me. My question is whether this is okay for my general health or not? Also would this type of lifestyle inhibit my gains in the weight room at all?

I ask because I’m a wuss when it comes to dieting. I can eat about 3 days clean before giving into cravings, so I just feel plain happier when I don’t have any set in stone rules about my diet other than to maintain high protein, eat properly around my workouts, and take my vitamins and fish oils.

Any input on this? Thanks.

It’s all a matter of the individual, and how they choose to attack their plan. You can do Cardio, you can adjust your diet, or you can do a combination of both. I’m presentingly cutting, but am doing zero cardio (not counting NEPA), and am simply manipulating my diet each week in a cyclical fashion. COuld I drop ‘weight’ quicker with cardio? Sure, but I’d rather take the slower approach, and hopeuflly preserve more LBM (I tend to drop muscle quickly when I have too much cardio. Again, it’s an individual thing)