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Cardio Twice a Day?

Is it too much or will it double cutting speed?

In the morning, and at night

Stretch out those hips man, they’ll get tight

It depends, when overweight cycling, swimming are safe so no problem(also cross-country skiing).
Do not forget in 1 minute you can negate an hour of exercise.
You should have learn to eat properly by your age. Fat is the by product your problem need to be adressed or your chances of success are slim.
All the best !

Make sure it’s something easy on your joints. I wouldn’t be running more than a few miles a day if running’s all you’re gonna do. If you’re doing it every day that is. But swimming, eliptical, biking, other stuff like that I’d say is a go.

It will not double your fat loss. That will be determined primarily by diet: i.e. what you eat will account for perhaps 70% of your fat loss while training will account for say 30% (arbitrary numbers). Even if doing cardio twice a day doubled the amount of fat loss resulting from training it will still not approach doubling your total fat loss.

As to whether or not you can tolerate two-a-days, that will depend on your nutrition, your recovery and what you mean by “cardio”. Brisk 45min walk a.m. sport session p.m., probably. 5 mile run a.m. HIIT p.m., probably not. your question is too vague to offer a meaningful answer.