Cardio Timing....When?

Hello guys.I’ve been having some years off of this site, and back then I started to read articles. I came across to this “Cardio Confusion” - article. I’m also a bit confused,when nowadays performing the cardio. Generally I haven’t do it all or moderate.But,now I want to keep my aerobic condition good while gaining muscle. So I’m not trying to or no need to lose fat.

In this CC -article morning cardion an on empty stomach is an old-school method and after training session also.

now I’ asking when and for how long?
20-30 mins intervall cardio off-days 2-3 x OR after gym session?

Thanks for you help guys.

I’ve been doing the pre-breakfast cardio for about 3 weeks and have lost 2 full inches on my waist.

It doesn’t interfer with strength gains at all.

The key is to have a low carb meal the night before (2hrs before you sleep).

I wake up at 7am take a cup of coffee w/teaspoon of creatine (optional) then I drink a cup of water.

30minutes later I walk at about 4mph for just over 3.5miles (usually takes me 40-50minutes)

I do this on non-workout days and workout days. Never taking more than 1 or 2 days off.

When I get home, I have a bowl of oatmeal, a whey shake, and 2 carrots or a serving of veggies. You’ll stay full for a good 3 hours after that meal, it’s filling as hell.

Not to mention your mood also improves with morning cardio and your day feels longer.

*the first week I did this morning cardio, I had to have 2 cups of coffee, but it gets easier and the energy will shock you (well it shocked me on an empty stomach)

Im a big fan of the above form as well AM LOW intensity. Also just a LOT of walking its great for taking/keeping fat at bay and not interfering with muscle gain.