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Cardio + Testosterone Levels


Hello again,

I've been training now for 7 weeks doing the EDT training. It has been going well. I've also been on a low carb diet.

Then after I read many forum posts and articles, I incorporated Surge into my workouts and my recovery times have cut dramatically. Normally I drink 1/2 of my Surge during the workout and 1/2 after. That has enabled me to stay fresh through the workout.

Currently, I'm 6'2" and 315 at 30% BF. So I decided to add in some cardio. Last night I did a spinning class for 60 minutes. Today I did my EDT routine. However, where as before I stayed fresh during my lifting, today (after my spinning class yesterday) my strength was zapped at the last 15 minutes of the session.

Spinning was the only thing I did differently. I sure noticed a drop in my strength. I'll be monitoring this because I want strength and size while burning the fat.

My basic questions are:

Would spinning for 60 minutes take down my strength that much?

Should I limit the spinning to 45 minutes like my EDT training?

Thanks for the advice.


Walleye, EDT should probably be done with slightly higher carbs. Adding in the cardio put you over the edge, in a not good way.

I'd like to see you save the cardio for down the road. Use it as an ace in the hole, for when you plateau.

Don't do any more than you have to, to get results. It's the long-term commitment and mindset (and the consistency) that will get you to where you want to go, rather than any super-human burst of effort.

You're doing great, Walleye! Keep on keeping on. (grin)


Tampa Terry,

I have about 50g carbs 3 hours before I workout (mostly from oatmeal) and then I have 3 servings of Surge during and following my EDT workout. That's about 125 Grams of Carbs. The rest of the day I'm in about 40 grams or less.

I've found that I need more carbs than when I first started. I'm trying to tweek my carbs because I want to lose fat but I don't want to feel like crap! If I don't get enough carbs I get weak. I've found that if I eat the most in the morning that I can get by with less carbs througout the day.

What do you think if I vary my carbs from training day to rest day?

Like 170-200 g carbs on training days.
75-125 on recovery days.

Remember I'm a pretty big guy.




I know I am no TT, but I will give this a little go. Possibly I can lighten her load a bit.

I think your plan with your carbs is a solid one worth giving a try. No one knows how your react to different macro breakdowns than you do.

So, give those #'s a go and see not only how you progress but how you feel. You will want to give this a good couple weeks to get a full assesment on how you will actually react to the change.

Then you can adjust from there if needed. Up or down. You may find that you simply react better to higher carb levels then some even while cutting.

By the way solid advice once again by TT on the cardio/EDT. :slight_smile:

hope that helps


Walleye, you're doing a great job of managing your diet. I've always believed that carbs should be manipulated to increase weight loss or slow weight loss and to support energy levels. So philosophically, you and I are very much in tune.

Yes, you can lower your carbs slightly on the days you don't work out, but I'd hate to see you lower them by much since you're doing EDT. And let me explain why.

With EDT there's a fair amount of muscle damage that's done during the workout. Since protein synthesis doesn't really return to baseline until 48 hours have gone by, I'd like to see you providing your body with the nutrition it needs to make those repairs.

Go ahead and start with those numbers, but be willing to experiment to see how your body responds.

What do you think? (grin)


Tampa Terry and Phill,

Thanks for the input. Phill PM'd me and suggested doing low intesity walking every morning before breakfast. Just enough to burn a little fat but not enough to overtrain. I think I will try that.

I think on my weekends I'll lower my carbs since I have 2 full days to recover. I'm finding though that I need at least 70 g to feel OK. Plus I eat these in the morning.

It's touchy though because sometimes I'll get headaches if my carbs go too low. I think both of you are right on the EDT needing more carbs.

BTW, once my EDT phase two is finished which workout should I move to next? I'm thinking about the Meltdown Lactic Acid training.

EDT has been good because I'm gaining size and strength while losing the fat. What are some good options after EDT? (Some of the other programs for fat loss intimidate me a little bit because I'm not sure how to do some of the exercises.)


Damn it. I did it again. 2 in one day :slight_smile:

To clearify my frustration, once again I am guilty of not being totally clear. Sorry, I am just a little busy and need to slow down when giving advice to be sure I clarify everything.

Walleye, while you could very well do the LOW intensity cardio everyday without a prob., I wouldnt suggest it evryday. I would start with it on your days off from the weights.

No need to over due your training, we all need a break every now and then. Which can actually help and lead to further progress, simply through relaxing and lowering your stress.

Though many times I will actually take an evening walk to relax. These though, are unplanned and spur of the moment. Sure, they lead to some extra k/cal burning, but without that direct purpose/thinking in mind, they are 4 relaxation purposes first and foremost.

Anyway just though I would try and head off my mistake as early as I could.

Sorry about that.



No problem man. I sort of though your advice of walking every morning + cardio on my off days was a little tough. Particularly for me as I'm dieting.

I like the advice of walking on my day off in a fasted state for no more the 30-45 minutes. I've still have to get that cardio monitor from walmart.

I believe the morning walk and 3 days of EDT a week will be a program I can adopt immediately and stick with.

Have a good weekend


Sounds solid.

Keep us all posted on how it goes, and have a good weekend also.


A little personal anecdote for you walleye. I'm 19 and when I do cardio every day (HIIT on a stationary or regular bike) it can really zap me for my leg workout if it happens to be the day after cardio.

I'm giving you this example NOT, I repeat, NOT to discourage you from cardio because it is absolutely necessary, but to warn you since you're obviously focused on great weight training workouts (diet and weight loss too) that it could hamper those workouts somewhat.

Since summer is approaching swimming is a great weigh to burn some extra k/cals in a spontaneous way. Just playing in the water is great exercise and also a form of resistance training. And playing is more fun than any preset cardio regiment no matter your age.


Suck it up and build up your work capacity. This is like complaining that you get sore from adding a new exercise to your program or getting tired from changing your rest intervals. I cycle every day out of necessity and I still weight train 3-4 times a week. Since there is little/no CNS fatigue from cycling just make sure you're eating like a horse post workout and post cycling and everyhting will be fine.