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Cardio So I Can Eat More?


Hey so I was wondering what your guys opinion was on doing cardio so I can eat more food. Current goal is to just maintain. Taking in 4k calories a day but I’m still hungry. Is it a smart idea to add 30min steady state cardio to get myself an extra 75grams of carbs. ?


What did you eat yesterday? If you don’t know weight what you eat today and post it here. Screenshot of MyFitnessPal is pretty simple.


X2 what basement said. But also, why 75g more carbs? If you’re wanting to do it because you’re still hungry, it seems like 30 pro and 45 carbs would fill you up a little more. 30g of protein is a good bit of chicken


Training more in order to increase daily calories is the basis of G-Flux, so you’re not far off.

If you’re doing zero cardio now, then some easy-ish intensity work might be a good addition. Or you could do some basic bodyweight stuff daily like PLP or push-ups and squats.

I also agree with Humongous in that, if you’re looking to satisfy hunger, 75g carbs won’t go very far unless you’re having something low density/high volume like popcorn or puffed rice.

I did just take a look at your Rate My Physique thread and, geez man, pretty sure you’d be fine if you simply bumped up the calories anyhow. You’re lean enough and in pretty killer shape as-is. Maybe tweak your training volume to do more “stuff” per session (supersets and/or active recovery to get more work done per session) instead of adding separate cardio. Plenty of options, and you’re in a good position to play around with things.



So 4385 cals then. Instead of adding cardio (if you don’t want to) you could take fiber caps with each meal to slow digestion, a few cups of green a day blunts hunger.

If you’re still to hungry after that, one thing that worked for me was trying a 23 hour fast once or twice a month. Just have water and coffee from dinner one day until dinner the next. It sounds insane, but you won’t lose muscle or go hypoglycemic. It gives your stomach a break and lets it shrink up a bit. Ease back into eating like you never missed those few meals.

Looked at your pics on the 5 year transform thread. You’re reasonably lean to start. What’s the goal?


Just to maintain at the moment. 4k cal is my maintenance. 4300 was because I ended up doing 30min cardio


I already get alot of fiber as it is 60-90g per day lol


Sounds like you are looking for some breathing room. I know when I am doing cardio regularly it is difficult for me to keep the weight on, as I do not eat junk food. So, sure in the short-term there is no reason not to step up the cardio so that you can eat a bit more. But make sure you are eating natural food. In other words food that man has not “created”. For example, there are no doughnut trees right? So go ahead and add an additional cardio session but don’t make up for it by eating junk. You can stay lean and healthy (and healthy should always be your goal if you want to train long-term) by adding a cardio session and also adding more nutrient dense food to your menu.

Good Luck,



80% of my diet comes from whole nutritious foods the other 20 I fill in with whatever I want as long as it fits my macros.


Like what for example?


For example I’m having a cinnamon Bun after my training session today.


solely eating “Clean Foods” leads to people binge eating in my opinion


Well, that is the best time to eat such sweets. Any other examples that are not so timely?


Baked chips, low fat frozen yogurt, and a oatmeal Cookie hear and there