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Cardio-Sleep-Meal Question

I am a naturally “thin” guy - always have been. I am 30 and am finding it a little easier to gain muscle, but it’s still a battle. Here’s my dilemma - in a previous life, I did a LOT of running. I did so much running that I feel strange if I don’t continue to do some along with my iron work. A couple of nights ago, I went for a short run (about 1.5 miles) around 10:00 PM. I usually go to bed around midnight, and the sleep that night seemed much better than usual. If I had a solid protein/complex carb meal after the run and before bedtime, do you see this causing me any problems?

I figure it might even help increase my appetite. The good news is that now I don’t take my runs with 50 pounds of gear and boots on:) Much easier on the knees and back. Thanks in advance for the advice.

I personlly would be having a protein/fat meal after the run and before bed, but I am pretty carb sensitive so I am maybe a bit overly cautious with carbs late at night.

My recommendation would be to give it a go. I think that you need to eat something, but try P+C and try P+F and see what helps you sleep, recover, grow and reach your other goals best.

But definately eat something.