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Cardio: Single or Multiple Types in One Session?


When doing steady-state cardio, is there any advantage to doing 3 different types (stairclimber, treadmill, bike) vs one 60-min session on one of those?



Steady state cardio means BPM stays constant. either or, doesn't matter. Do what you like.


Advantage might be less boredom. Stairclimber will give more leg strength.


Agree with Ecchastang. Also, would add that the probability of incurring a repetitive-movement/overuse injury is probably lower if you split it up.


I call it 5 minutes of death - switch every 5 minutes between spin bike, rower, upper/lower strider.
In a nicer gym from the past I also used a hand bike, some sailing thing, treadmill on high incline, and climber.

Makes the aerobics fly since you are never more than 5 minutes from finishing that set.
Or if you want a more vigorous cardio blast, your muscles are fresher switching and you can do intervals within the 5 minute period.


It could be a big advantage if strength endurance is your weakness.

I'm more of a sprinter genetically and steady state is hard going for me. I like to train at a high intensity - so not just easy cardio.

When I first started doing spin sessions I couldn't get my heart rate up high enough to get a really intense workout because my leg muscles would tire first. The same with running - I'm fine for a sprint, but when it comes to hard effort long duration my muscles tire long before I get my heart rate up nice and high. Rowing too - muscles tire first.

If I cycle between the three - maybe 10 mins of each then change muscles get a rest and I can keep my heart working hard for longer.

This holds true for intervals too. If strength endurance is your weakness adding in variety can keep you working harder for longer.


No real advantage or disadvantage either way. Would be different if you were training to improve upon one of those modalities (ie treadmill for a 5k). Otherwise cardiovascular benefit is matched as long as intensity is equal between equipment.


I train outdoors for roadwork. Jog the flat land, sprint and/or walk the hills.

Or mix it up however you like.