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Cardio ?'s

I’m in the middle of a cut cycle and I have been cutting for almost 5 weeks now going from 13% to around 10% bodyfat. I want to drop to 6-7% as my goal. The last week I’ve been pretty stagnant in my weigh loss because I neglected cardio (my diet is fine), so now I’ve decided to incorporate some serious cardio work into my schedule, both for the fat loss and also the health benefits connected to it.

I’ve read the great article “Running man” by CT:

and have chosen the interval training approach. Since I’m not in a very good cardiovascular shape I’m doing the “average shape” approach in the interval section.

That means 60 secs jog followed by 15 secs sprint repeated 6 times pr. session (week 1).

I’ve also read “the Fasted Cardio Roundtabe”

and fasted cardio before breakfast is for me, since I’m a mesomorph and whatever.

Now that you know what I’ve read and what I want to achieve I have a few questions:

  1. How long after the morning cardio session am I supposed to eat my breakfast? Immediately when I get home or should I wait x amount of time until my “fat burning process” or metabolism or whatever has settled? I need an explanation here as of when to consume my breakfast after morningcardio ( I eat 40g of oatmean, 40g of whey, and 200g of skim milk if it has any relevance)

  2. In his running man article, CT suggests that you do the interval session cardio 3-4 times pr week. Would it hurt doing TWO sessions pr. day, 3-4 days pr week?

My schedule would look like this then:

Mon: Fullbody 5x5 session
Tue: morning cardio + evening cardio
Wed: Fullbody 5x5 session
Thu: morning cardio + evening cardio
Fri: Fullbody 5x5 session
Sat: morning cardio + evening cardio
Sun: Relax or maybe cardio

The reason why I want it this way, is that I want optimal fat loss, and 1 session of cardio, in theory, only lasts (60s6 + 15s6)= 7,5 minutes.

If it’s overkill to do it twice a day (because of catabolism or whatever) I’ll avoid it. But I really can’t see the benefit of doing only 7 minutes of cardio 4 times a week.

Any suggestions?

Someone must know this. Anyone?

you said youve negleced cardio altogether so far. so id just start with once per day and see how that works. the 7 mins will be a vicious 7 mins if you go all out

I did my 7 minute run (more like 12, because I didn’t carry a stopwatch) for the first time this morning before breakfast. It was tough, but I can easily do another run in the evening. Would I benefit from it?

And how about the meal timing? Wait with breakfeast or breakfast immediately?

wake, walk, eat no waiting

as for the other stuff your going to go from NONE to a TON at low intake you’ll most likely feel like crap wont recover, lifts will go down and you’ll lose LBM. add it in slowly. Just because you can do it doesnt mean you should and it will prob be a lack luster grind out effort.

Do enough cardio to see some results, then slowly add if needed.

Hope that helps,

if you really want to do cardio twice a day, search ‘100 workouts to ripped city’ and do that cardio in the morning. then a short HIIT cardio later inthe day