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Cardio: Running 15-20 min Twice a Day?


So I have to do a little damage control and I realize that I just can't run for more then 20 minutes without Gouging my fucken eyeballs out even If i have a ipod on, I just can't handle it I get so bored.

So I was wondering how effective running twice a day for 15-20minutes would be? Like morning or Afternoon then at night after my workout. Just like jogging 4mph no HIIT running.


Do an out&back. Choose a point X miles away to run to that is half the distance you want to run total. By the time you get there, too bad if you're bored 'cause it's either run back or be stuck.

And dude, 4m/h is a 15 minute mile. You're actually going faster than that, right?


4mph is like standard jogging speed, whats wrong with that?


For fucking midgets possibly...


O rly


The point isn't to kill yourself trying to run the fastest mile.

Just go ahead and do it dude, as long as it doesn't bother you knees you should see results. Everything starts with diet, anyway.


Diet is the number one thing you need to change if you want to recomp or "cut up."

You don't need cardio on a recomp, anyways I'd rather eat less than go jogging, but obviously cardio will speed things up. It's up to you, but I say fix your diet first.


My easy pace is an 8:30 mile. Any slower than that just hurts.


I'll be honest whenever I try to lose weight even with lower calories the weight just never comes off unless I start running. It maybe that besides weight lifting I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle.


Do you find yourself that boring? You have that little to think about? Maybe instead of TNation, you should try...reading a book or something.


4mph is fine for a steady state cal burn. I do my incline treadmill walking during contest preps at about 3-3.5 mph and it's worked out just fine. Also, two 20 mins sessions will have a better total effect than one 40 min session because of the rate of use of the released fatty acids.



Just to illustrate the reason these guys are saying "it all starts with diet"

So you go out for your 20-min run and burn what, ~200kcals. And even granting that you have the time to do that twice/day, let's say ~500kcals output (being generous here too)

But hey, you've just ran twice in one day so why not have that extra bowl of breakfast cereal later on and then you've gotta finish the milk in the bowl with just a bit more cereal and now there's ~500kcals input right there = no progress


I'm pretty sure the reason for Cardio is Cal's you burn after you run.


I would tend to believe the opposite is true. You obviously know what you're talking about though. Can you explain in greater detail?


It's not too tricky, you're basically just putting your body under physical duress twice in a day rather than once, so the additional effects of exercise are experienced on a more consistent basis throughout the day.


I have always felt differently, though I recognized I'm in the minority. Perhaps because I include conditioning work year round. 'Working Up' to my calories has always helped me preserve muscle and maintain my strength levels.


That is a bit 'swift' for muscle preservation cardio..........great conditioning pace.


im over 250 and run a sub 8 min mile for anywhere from 1-4 miles, also i have found that going as intense as possible per duration is best for fat loss so i agree with mad horse, step that shit up


Not when the OP clearly stated, "Just like jogging 4mph no HIIT running."

Oh wait, that was you. So you either run hard and get the kcals burned afterwards (EPOC) or you go easy for "damage control" and to not interfere with recovery. But you don't get both.


Are you saying that doing light running does nothing to increase your metabolism afterwards?