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Cardio Rules While Bulking


How much cardio and at what intesity do you guys do when bulking. Been thinking about adding some in, my primary goal is size, but I've put on a bit more fat than I would like. Obviously when bulking putting on fat is going to happen and I'm absolutely fine with that, I've just gotten a little too fat. So whats your cardio look like as well as your goals and weight :wink:. Thanks


If I have the energy, and my legs don't hurt too much, I do a 10-15 minute exercise bike ride. I put the resistance on it high enough so that I am completely puffed out at the end of it.


I'm with you man, got a bit puffy too. I'm doing hill sprints, just need to figure out which day to put them on. Morning on deadlift day or rest day? Always go with hill sprints anyway, they'll kick your butt and your endurance will skyrocket. If you can, get a friend with you for it, those things are hard to push yourself for.


If you can, try 30 minutes of fasted cardio first thing in the morning every other day. I started doing that about 3 months ago and have been satisfied. I've gotten heavier but haven't gotten much fatter. Also, try to keep your heart rate below 120 bpm to ensure fat burn. On a treadmill that comes out to 3.0-3.3 mph on a low incline.


Or you can do 20 minutes cardio post weights session following the same HR guidelines above.


You can pretty much do as much as you want as long as you offset it with more calories.

Basdically Berardi's G-Flux goes with this premise as well.

I personally was only doing 10-mins of low-mod intensity post weight training and just 20 mins on my off day. More would probably be better, but I hate doing cardio.