Cardio & Rest Question

I know you need rest for workout, for example work out 4 days and rest 3. But my question is whether cardio requires rest? for example joggin 20 minutes everyday.

It always good practice to tajke a break form structured training. This doesnt mean you always have to simply be a slug that day. Do stuff. go have fun. Ski, hike, bike, trike, sex, do it all, have some fun. Or just sit on your ass for a day. In the long run you will recover better and the mental and physical break will leave you refreshed and ready to roll again at a higher intensity, in theory anyhew.

Hope that helps,

I run 3 miles every weekday (mon - fri) and have no deterioration in my strength and mass gains. I also run bleachers at the local stadium every Saturday for 40+ minutes. Cardio done at lower intensity doesn’t do near as much damage as lifting weights. I would say you could do it every day provided you don’t overwork the tibialis anterior and get shin splints. Also, you calories and rest will determine your recovery times so get plenty of sleep and maintain decent caloric intake. Start out at 3x/week and progress over the next month to 5x/week. Just my 2 cents…