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Cardio Required?

Hi Guys

Do u guyss think that cardio is neccessary for fat loss or do u think u can lose fat JUST through diet? ive read cardio roundtable and all those articles but i want to know what works for U guys.Im 6’4 240pounds just finished bulking and im looking to lose the fat around my lower abs ,so im wondering if i just clean my diet up eg-try t-dawg or dont diet program,or should i also include 400metre sprints and so forth.
My training has been as follows
5 reps x 10sets per bodypart x 5 days a week 1 bodypart per day with big basic movements eg-squats,deads,pull ups …
So how do u guys lose the buldge?
Take care

This is such an individual variable that its diffucult to say what may be or may not be right for you. Some people, myself included…have to really lower the calories to loose fat without doing cardio. Other people can cut a few things out of the diet and the fat quickly melts away…all with their normal weight training calorie burn.
I would say most of us fall somewhere in the middle wherein “some” cardio is needed along with a modest reduction in calories.
You have to play with these two variables and see what works best for you.


[quote]HHH wrote:
Do u guyss think that cardio is neccessary for fat loss or do u think u can lose fat JUST through diet?

You can lose fat and do absolutely no cardio at all. 100 and 200 meter sprinters are some of the leanest most physically fit (they have excellent resting heart rate and blood pressure, etc…) people on the planet and they avoid cardio like the plague.

Don’t let anyone convince you that cardiovascular work is required for fat loss. Those people don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Hear’s the thing “what is cardio?” That’s what you have to ask yourself. To me cardio could mean doing weight training,cycling, running, etc… at a sustain heart rate in your 65%-85% training zone of your max heart rate for over 20-45 min.

Thanks for the response guys,i absoulutlly loathe cardio but dont mind doing sprint work,so i might start a bit of sprint training with a slight reduction in calorie’s and see how that goes.Hmm sitting on my ass all day doing office work does not really help my cause ,so ill have to be a bit careful on how much food im stuffing myself with :confused:
Thanks again

In general, I agree with someone that posted basically the following: fck cardio. I have a harder time than most getting lean. I have been really lean twice in my life, and now and on to the third time. The first two involved way too much cardio, and I lost way too much muscle in the process. NOW I am doing interval training 15 minutes before lifting and 15 minutes after. My results have been amazing. People are saying shit to me in the gym. Good shit. Unfortunately it’s from all the guys and not the beotches, so it comes off as a little bit too gay for my liking, but whatever the fck. I have lost 20#s fat in two months WHILE gaining strength - am doing a one lift a day program with the basics (Mon push press, Tue squat, Wed pullups, Thur bench, and Fri deadlift). I am not there yet, but another month (perhaps two), and I should be there. All in time to start hitting the Becks and getting fat as f*ck as the pigskin starts to fly.

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