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Cardio Question

Why does the highest fat burning happen at 75%-85% of your maxium heart rate?


you repeat something often enough and people start to believe it. The whole idea of max heart rate was made up. It was intended to be a guideline.

if you are huffing and puffing and sweating your ass off,you are burning fat.

dont worry about the whole max heart rate thing.
if anything take your own baselines,do cardio one day and really push yourself measure YOUR heart rate.
and use that as a guide.

I keep mine around 160 bpm at that rate I am not pushing myself too hard but I am going at a good steady pace.

It’s not that simple.

At rest you’re actually burning the highest % of calories from fat, as you increase intensity carbs begin having a higher %.

There’s a line though too low of intensity and while you may be burning a higher % of calories from fat, your overall caloric burn of fat is lower.

It’s like saying I’ll give you 90% of my annual salary, while that sounds good what if I only make $10k a year.
Now if I said I’ll give you 30% of my annual salary, but I make $1 million/yr that’s even better.

Don’t get too hung up with the numbers. Use it as way to make sure your intensity is high enough.

I guess iam just worried about if you push yourself to hard you get into the anerobic stage of cardio then you start to hurt your muscle. I just dont really know were to draw that line of were iam burning the most fat to entering the anerobic stage

You can get great benefit from utilizing both aerobic and anaerobic pathways. So just work with both.