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Cardio Programming

Hey Coach. I’m wondering, whats your current approach to cardio for fat loss? I checked my body fat yesterday with ultrasound and it turned out 18%. According to Poliquin BioSignature Modulation my cortisol levels are jacked up the most? Here are the measurements:

Chest 8.8mm
Subscapular 7.7mm
Midaxillary 9.3mm
Tricep 6.1mm
Abdominal 18.0mm
Suprailiac 9mm
Thigh 4.4mm

Honestly, I’ve never been fat before (was skinny growing up), so I have no experience with cardio or “cutting”. I haven’t got a “look” or physique goal in mind - seriously - i don’t give a shit how i will look, i just want to get real lean.

The only concern i have is loosing strength and / or leg mass. Squat and hip hinge type exercises are the only ones i really enjoy, and i don’t want to loose all I’ve worked so hard to gain on those two movements.
How do I program the strength and the cardio to loose the flab?

Any help appreciated, thanks very much!

Ps. I prefer heavier lifting. For some reason when I go above 6-8reps even with lower volume (~9sets per movement) my neurotransmitter - or something ? - get jacked up and i get sad and run down from training, real weird shit.