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Cardio Problem/Pain

Hey Guys, slight problem you may be able to help with.

Whenever i run, be it on a treadmill or normally, i get about 5 minutes into it and my balls start to hurt quite badly and i have to stop.

Does ANYONE know why this is or what could be causing it?

I’m probably gonna head to the docs but thought i would check here first and save myself a heap of embarrassment.


you wear briefs or a jock strap?

while we’re on the topic(no intentional hijack) what are some good shorts to wear for those whose thighs rub together when running miles?

It could be clothing (wear something restricting, but not too restricting), the way you run, you could be moving your legs too far inwards, to the centre of your body when placing the foot in front, forcing it to hit the thighs, ouuchh, when your running, and so just need to correct your posture, or not take too long strides when running (too long strides would be it like hitting a wall each time, esp. if you are running fast).

I’m not going to mention the obvious possibility, as you would have realised this before on your own.