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Cardio - Pre or Post Workout?


Hey guys,

Looking for opinions on when its best to do cardio for optimal fat burning results? at the moment i'm doing 15 mins pre workout and another 10 post workout and then 2 20 minute fasted cardio sessions a week seperate to my normal training.
Thanks in advance


If it's before a strength training session, I would only do enough to get warmed up.
Weight training is (mostly anaerobic(ie sugar), while cardio is (mostly) aerobic(O2/Fat). So it makes sense to me to use up your sugar so that you can use your fat for the cardio session.


thanks for the repsonse but from what i've learnt if your heart rate is in the right region ie. 60-70% MHR it wouldnt make a difference when the cardio is done, the energy system used would automatically be the aerobic anyway, regardless of the timing and how much glycogen you have in your muscles/liver. I was wondering more about insulin sensitivity or any other factors that could have an impact.


I'd make major adjustments to your routine. I agree in doing just enough to get warm pre-workout. Only do 5-10 minutes. Than I'd do do at least 20 but preferably 30 minutes or more post workout. On non lifting days I'd shoot for a minimum 30 minutes but preferably 45 minutes. Or 15-20 minutes HIIT.


For optimal fat burning, you would wan't to use up ypur glycogen stores first. If you do your weight training first then followed by a cardio session. Your are correct you burn more fat around 60 - 70% of max hr.


For god sakes use the search function! This topic has been beaten to death since Moses built the ark.


None of this matters. Lift more weight. Move faster. Do more conditioning work. Get into better shape anaerobically and cardio becomes a silly word that out of shape people use.


I have always (25+ years) done my conditioning/cardio work before my weight training. While in a calorie surplus I limit the session to 20 min., while in a deficit I go to 25-30 min.. I get the theroy behind why a lifter would wait until after, but it has never seemed to have a negative effect on my strength levels or training. IMO failure to properly warm-up(GP) is the single 'training specific' thing preventing lifters from progressing and causing injury.


^^ plenty of wisdom right there ^^

if the goal of "added lbm" replaced "added cardio" for most gym-goers, funny things would happen...