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cardio, post work out

I have a simple question that for some reason through al of my reading i have not yet answered. I lift for about 1.5 -2 hours each session and I end with quit a bit of vitality in me, and some times i go play some serious basketball for an hour post lifting, i am wondering if there are any negative affects to my muscle growth due to the cardio after i lift?? Any info would be a great help…thanx guys…You all kick ASS!

Just make sure your post workout nutrition is in order. If you workout then have an hour before you play b-ball then drink a surge type beverage per description immediately after your weight workout. After your b-ball do the same and you should be golden. I believe Berardi addressed this in a Appetite for construction article on the site. Good luck.

As long as you are eating enough total calories and making sure that your post-workout nutrition and pre-workout nutrition is right on pace, you should be ok.

Not only is there negative effects to an hours worth of cardio postworkout (that is, without some sort of PW-drink), but your workout length alone is blowing away any possible chance at anabolism. You’d better look over your reading on workout length again.

If you are just playing Basketball for the hell of it consume a post-workout drink ater your weight training workout ASAP. By the way your weight training workout is WAY too long. Drop it to an hour or less. *If you are doing cardio right after your workout for fat loss you would hold off on the drink until cardio is over. IE: I train for an hour followed by an hour of cardio when leaning down-THEN I drink my Post workout shake. This has been stated by John Berardi & posted many times please use the search function.