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Cardio & Post W/O Nutrition?

I’ve been dreading it for a while, but realized I should take a week off from training. I just spent 3 months on CW’s HFT and it did marvels but I’m now switching over to CT’s HSS-100 and will be following his recommendation of taking a week off after each block.

So I’m in my week off & still doing soft tissue work, dynamic stretching, static stretching, and jumping rope. I only jump for 10 minutes (but it’s continuous at around 1300 reps in those 10 mins). I’m not doing my surge or creatine since I’m not lifting and wondering if I should be doing these at all with the cardio. I believe the answer is no.

However, since it is exercise, is my ability to tolerate carbs post-rope-jumping the same as if I’d lifted weights? Or should I just stick to the regular P+F meals post-workout? I made the assumption that my body can handle carbs better after jumping so I had some in my next meal but will avoid them if it’s incorrect. Note that I do soft tissue work, 10 minutes of dynamic stretching, then 10 minutes of rope jumping in a row, so I think it’s like a light 25 minute workout.

Thanks in advance!

Well yes youll need carbs no reason to cut them out. This down week is meant to recoevr you for the upcoming training so your fresh not to diet down.

So yes take in carbs Post w/o if its brutal and high intensity Use Surge. IMO though this week would also be a great time for one of those breaks from ALLLLL!!! supplements even food supps like protein powders. take a break from everything for a week and come back rarin to go.

Thats my take,

Thanks for the response. It’s not super high intensity (only 10 mins of fast jumping… lol, I remember having a hard time when I started jumping rope 5 months ago just doing 20 consecutive jumps, haha!), so I’ll skip the Surge and creatine.

So far as letting all the supplements go, I may be wrong, but keeping my multi-vitamin, night-time casein drink, ZMA, and use of Power Drive (for neural recovery), all seem to aid in the recovery process. However, there doesn’t seem to be a need to use Surge, amino acids, or creatine during this week off, so I won’t use them.

Thanks again!

Sounds good but id drop it ALL even the multi etc for a week. PPL seem to get stuck on supps that they NEED them and not use them as the EXTRA the tool they are. Id aim to eat better this week. Gert varied sources for your vits and minerals. Then come back and take everything again and hell you may be better for it. Might nail better habits, have a break from the supps so you know they are a tool not a NEED. etc.

Either way best of luck,


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About the supplements, I think that’s a good idea. I’ll drop the ZMA and Multi-Vitamin for the remainder of the week. I’m following Berardi’s PN so I consider my diet quite good (90% adherence with about 47 meals a week and lots of meal variance), but I’ll keep the night time protein shake since I just don’t care to eat a meal in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee ^^

Thanks again,