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Cardio options

Hello, I would like to get some input on the best method of cardio to use for my goals. I am 24, 6’1, 210 and about 15%, looking to drop the weight as fast as possible. Here is my current training split:
mon Heavy chest
light shoulder and tris
Tues Heavy back
light legs and bis
wed off
thurs heavy shoulder
light chest
heavy tris
Fri heavy legs
light back
heavy bis

Sat and Sun off

I would like to include best option of cardio while not interfering with my recovery from workouts. any suggestions on what and when to do it?

POWERWALK!! It looks funny, but it keeps me thick and cut at the same time. I also workout in the a,m, and do cardio b4 dinner.
Hope that helps.
Oh ya, it NEVER interferes with my recovery!

I love 1/4 mile sprints. I do four to six of them depending on how I feel that day. Take a :90 to 2:00 break in between sets.

These have done more to build my wind than almost anything else that I have tried. I also like hill sprints- Find a hill about 200yds. I do three fast sprints.

do a seaarch and read CT running man great for fat

okay it looks like interval training is the way to go, I am start with 2 sessions a week. My next question is where to put them in my routine. should I do them in the morning, or evening? Should I do it on an empty stomach or eat a meal first. The only thing as far as recovery goes is that I do heavy conventional deads on tuesday, and heavy squats on Fri, so I dont want to mess that up too much. Thanks for all your help already.

Try going Wednesday and Sunday. If you don’t go to hard you will have no problem wit recovery!

At least 2 hours a week follow this cardio program (off lifting days only):

–> Perform 12-16 minutes of HIT cardio. This will burn glycogen.

–> Immediately thereafter perform up to an additional 45 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio. This will burn fat.

What’s great is the initial HIT cardio will keep your metabolism going all day. This method gives you three energy burning systems for the price of two.

The downside is up to an hour of cardio really sucks. Good luck.

I meant at least 2 times per week in the initial sentence.